Juno vs. Uber | 2017 Comparison

Juno has gotten a lot of coverage lately, but will they live up to the hype and compete wtih Uber? For drivers interested in signing up to drive for Juno, you can find my Juno driver referral code at https://ridesharepanel.com/juno-referral-code/.

Here’s a brief summary of the video:

Juno is the new ridesharing company on the block. They’ll have to be competitive with massive tech companies like Uber and Lyft in order to stick around.

Juno currently only operates in NYC, where they are in beta testing mode. This compares to Uber, which operates in 60+ countries and close to 600 cities across the globe.

Uber has a valuation of over 60 billion. They have a ton of cash to throw around for investing in technology and running promotions to bring new passengers and drivers to their platform. Juno is currently still raising funds.

Uber recruits a ton of new drivers to continue growing. They also lose a ton of drivers each year. The trend doesn’t look sustainable, and Uber’s long term gain plan is self driving cars.

Juno, on the other hand, is a very driver friendly platform. They promise drivers a low 10.5% commission taken from their paychecks for the first two years. They also give drivers equity in the company.

The driver friendly nature of Juno may allow them to compete with Uber and Lyft. There are a lot of drivers out there looking for a better platform. There just hasn’t been a better option. That could change.


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