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  1. I am very attracted to your personality and I think that if you really want anything in this world, you can have it! Your smart, beautiful, your personable and fun. Have you ever thought about acting or stage work?? You are very photogenic! I just want you to know that you will find your success when you truly see what it is you should be doing that makes you financially and spiritual happy and I think it might have something to do entertainment!!

  2. ?❤️?❤️ please you have to keep trying, you're successful as gorgeous creature you're looking for financial success "AKA" financially stability .as a human you succeeded ??????

  3. Yeah like your friend, I keep telling my wife to start a channel.. she's all into fashion, make up etc.. but she don't want to..and I don't tell a lot of people about me being on YouTube either.. like my co workers don't know.. but maybe I should advertise more..