Largest Uber Tip Ever | How To Get Tips With Uber

How can you make cash tips with Uber and Lyft? I just finished driving for the night and I got my biggest cash tip EVER!

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Comment (7)

  1. Hey Mike…
    Congrats on the $20.00 tips!
    They are like the holy grail of this gig…
    I agree with not having a tip jar or a tip sign.
    Let our great service speak for itself and inspire riders to
    pull out some cash.
    I will say, there is one lil' trick I use to at least get riders thinking about leaving a tip.
    I usually start my run by folding a few ones and a five spot and sticking them in my center A/C vent where they are visible but not in a tip jar per say…tips are usually decent to good on the week ends.
    Have fun out there!!

  2. That is also my biggest tip:), I hope one day I will receive a $50 or even better a $100 bill lol, well I can only dream for now, but I really enjoy my $20s and I'm so grateful for generous riders out there. If there is one to read this comment thank you thank you!!!