Las Vegas Jobs and Resume Tips

Getting work in Las Vegas Part 2. What to put on your Resume. If you’re not prepared, you might need some help. Here is how we got jobs in Las Vegas. If you are moving to Las Vegas this is what you can expect when trying to find work.
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  1. Great Video what type of jobs Tiffany are they hiring for. I have had experience with FBA Amazon and have done PPC, Social Media and other jobs having to do with Ecommerce. I am 53 years old and am worried that I am too old. Thanks again for your input.

  2. Thank you so much for the info on resumes. My husband and I just moved​ here and have been applying everywhere but am not hearing back. We are using think this could be why. Also I am looking for Customer Service work..and would love any suggestions on who's hiring. Thanks again for the info!!

  3. How is the hiring in the hotels and casinos? How does is their hiring process? Is it true you've got to know someone to get hired in the hotels? My daugher's boyfriend manages the cleaning and bus boys staff at a lounge in NYC. He wants to work at a hotel in Vegas. Can you make a video with information on how to enter the hotel industry in Las Vegas? Thank you. Luv to Lucy!!

  4. I hope to go to a meet up when I live there so Lucy can have a play date with my Chihuahua, Wally. We'd like to try to buy a home in Henderson. Any suggestions as far as better living areas and places not to live in. We've heard, the closer to the strip, the worst the area.True or not??