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  1. Uber has always been a transportation company they just say they are not. Now the metamorphosis is almost complete. When Uber first ever came out it actually was called uber cab. Look it up. They took the cab part off for obvious reasons lol ?

  2. Very annoying on the ears, what is the so called technique of speaking is she using when she raises the last word up a pitch or two? Is this the way they teach speaking in college? I'm in my 60's, and had a supervisor about 9 years ago that was using this same technique when she spoke and it was very irritating!! So what's the scuttlebutt on this way of speaking? I cannot stand it, and will walk away if I'm listening to it. By 3:51 of this video I had had ENOUGH!!! any help appreciated!, thanks in advance!!

  3. You are a TREMENDOUS asset to the entire population of drivers, Randy! A HUGE thanks to you (and on this topic, to David Goodknecht) for sharing what you know, digging hard for info, and being willing to jump in the fire, if needed, for the good of the whole!
    Regarding this topic, I hope it never grows beyond where it is now. When Mr. Drunkenpuke (with no card on file) throws up all over the car and, in the minutes that follow, ends up stumbling away (without paying, of course), I foresee waters that possibly the most seasoned among us would have trouble navigating. Chances of that ending up the way it should…I just don't see that even possibly working out. It's fine for me, as I would know not to participate in the program. But what about the drivers that can't forsee the thousand and one issues that this could bring to the table? I was new once and (thank God) there were folks like you willing to share knowledge and experience or I'm sure I never would have become able to (now) do the same on occasion. You make things better here — thank you for that!!

  4. who ever not comfy with cash pmts can just turn the cash option off.. plain and simple. I would rather not deal with cash and potential frauds like fake bills or grumpy customers not getting money they pay in excess of actual cost. I know customers would know in advance how much it would cost but still some customers just don't understand. Also i don't want to put myself in danger of getting robbed for cash or put my life in danger.

  5. I think that cash option is bad more chances for the driver to get robbed once the word is out uber passengers will know drivers have cash on them & this option will become mandatory uber is becoming more greedy more commercialize less cash more danger for drivers

  6. I'm not going to use this option because I'm not going to feel like fullfilling "do you have change for ___". Nope sure don't. Besides, I don't trust uber with this. Seems like something that'll confuse in order for them to take more money without you knowing. Ain nobody got time for double checking every 5 mins.

  7. This is a hot mess waitinf to happen..what if yourw paid a lesser amount tann the actual fair and u contact support and the rider says they did pay the right amt..wjo is uber going to believe??…y r they doing this ?? just leave well enough alone..i hope lyft doesnt follow uber on this!!

  8. donald trump is gonna kick the fucking shit out of illegal corporations like uber.

    good things are coming our way as Americans.

    the lady talking in the video is no engineer; shes a corrupt spokesperson, that and/or a criminal that has no idea what its like to even drive someone around in an uber car.

    uber is german for super .
    it seems with this "company" that most likely is owned by corrupt people they are uber stupid .

    Uber violated a cease and decist order from the department of motor vehicle's in california where their robot car almost killed an innocent woman.

    donald trump is coming for you uber. you and thousands of other shady companies will pay your taxes and pay good wages or your company will go insolvent.

    uber you have zero concern for public health and safety. you violated a legal cease and desist all autonomous operations and you had the audacity to violate California state law, and violate DOT safety . than uber tried to white wash it by saying the vehicle that almost killed the innocent man in san fran was "driver error' and there was "action taken" bullshit uber, you never had permits from the DMV in california. your company needs to be immediately put under investigation.

    Donald trump will make america great again!!

  9. The thing that stands out the most is that the presenter has a rising inflection at the end of almost every sentence (a.k.a. "up-talk"), which is distracting me from the content of the presentation. Research suggests that "its use exhibits a speaker's insecurities about the statement and undermines effective speaking." (Source: http://bit.ly/2j7FQSX). Check out this article titled, "The Uptalk Epidemic: Can you say something without turning it into a question?" – http://bit.ly/2j7LAfP

  10. Hope this goes in effect here in NYC, I don't use uber because of that stupid policy that I must pay using my credit card and I personally hate paying with cards, I would have to run to chase bank to add money at an the atm to order an uber ride, if this goes into effect me and a lot of folks I know will definitely be using uber instead of yellow or street hail due to the convenience of me being able to pay cash.

  11. Oh but what happened with that d. bag Travis's (Mr. Pink) bullshit scam of no tips because he wants a cashless transaction so the rider doesn't have to reach for their wallet? I spit in Travis's face if I ever ran in to him. I would also give hime a nice swift rib shot and knock the wind out of him.

  12. Hmmmmm. Ok, so why aren't Uber testing this on the big cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Miami and Los Angeles instead of Colorado Springs? Just wait and see when something happens to an Uber driver that it's trying to make a living.

  13. So during those 20 seconds of stopping the car and letting the rider out we now need to expertly assess if the the cash is real or counterfeit also. And if its is counterfeit we could go to jail when we go to use it. Yet another risk for the Uber driver, not Uber the company.