Learning the Uber driver app before your first drive

Link to driver app video & simulator: http://ubermovement.com/using-the-uber-partner-app

Uber Links:
To sign up to be an Uber driver and earn $50 to $500 bonus after 20 rides, click here: https://get.uber.com/drive-vs/?exp=vs-t&invite_code=zrpq5q4due

To sign up to be a New Uber passenger & get $20 Off your first ride, click here: https://get.uber.com/invite/zrpq5q4due

If you already have an Uber passenger account and have never used an Uber promo code, use Uber Promo Code: zrpq5q4due

Lyft Links:
If you also want to sign up to be a Lyft driver and earn a new driver bonus, click here: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/JORGE176225
(For example: During Dec 2016 in Atlanta you can get a $300 bonus, simply by completing 75 rides in your first 30 days as a driver.)

(The Uber & Lyft new driver bonus amount & # of rides required varies by city & does change often based on the offers at the time you register. Check your city’s bonus & terms for # of rides required.)


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  1. Jorge, you the man! Thanks for such great info. I passed all the background stuff, got a Lexus hybrid and account activated but have been reluctant to go online because I had doubts about using the app. Then I came across this and after reading and checking out my settings in Account as far as navigation I am stoked to start. Your comments and responses to other comments have been so very helpful. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  2. I'm a new Uber driver of about a month and have a rating of 4.77, and I was notified that a passenger had criticized me for my professionalism. I have no idea why any passenger would have given me less than a 5 rating. Uber doesn't identify which passengers were less than completely satisfied so that I might recall what might have gone wrong, so there is no way for me to actually learn something from the experience to correct it. I have also gotten four compliments and it would be nice to know what it was that I did RIGHT. Can you provide any guidance on this?

  3. I just Started with Uber Today i have not done my first trip as of now. During the video about the 50$-500$ bonus after 20 rides since i already signed up without this link is it not possible to get the Bonus now? if you can please get back too me. Also should i take a Day or two too keep watching you're Videos too learn everything i need too know Before hand. And one last question for you Sir When picking up someone/accepting the ride does the App already give me the Destination/address or do i have too input it manually when they get in the car and tell me. i'll say thanks before hand you're videos are awesome i appreciate them alot God bless

  4. I was thinking about driving for Uber in Atlanta. Do you have any estimates for final dollar/hr for full-time drivers (drive at all times of the day) and dollar/hr for only driving during busy hours? I know there is no exact amount, but I'm just trying to compare Atlanta to other large cities. Thanks for your help!

  5. I didn't know about these promo codes before I signed up. I am still waiting to get the "green light" to start my first trip. so is it too late to use your code? Also I'm in Edmonton, Alberta canada. do we have to use a code from a local driver?

  6. Helpful comments and suggestions. I thought I was prepared but when my phone pinged I realize I needed more help. After the fact I found a couple of YT videos and this one particularly helpful. I'm basically in what Uber is calling the Sacramento. CA area but I'm not sure about going that far as I live in a smaller town south of Sac. I will just have to see what happens but will definitely do the app you suggested. Thank you for your help. I have subscribed so will look into future videos. Thanks again.

  7. Jorge,Thank you in advance for your videos and assistance.After trying to soak up as much pre-driving info(the simulator app link didnt work) i decided to give it a go using the "trial by fire "method. First "problem "I ran into was there was no destination inputted by the passaenger.I couldn't enter it myself,(I tried to do it but it didnt work)I started getting flusterred.I hit "add stop"and it allowed me,and I got the passenger home, at least.I think the reason I couldnt enter the destination initially was that ,being nervous as a virgin and in the course of getting the person in the car and situated,I neglected to ever hit "driver arrived".(I dont even remember seeing it!)assume this was the problem and if I hit it automatically the next prompt would be to add the destination manually?True.That lesson was a freebie for him since I assume the ride never actually officially started so there was nothing to end.

  8. Thank you for the video,
    I have just signed up for uber partner, i have provided all the info it asked for, but when i try to log in to my Iphone uber partner app it shows me "Account not activated"
    How much time does it take to activate driver's account?

  9. I wasn't used to Google maps, so I've been practicing with it everywhere I go, when I'm alone in my car. I feel more comfortable with it now. But when I picked up a rider this evening and started to navigate, the app went to the Uber navigation system. So frustrating! It's really hard to understand, and I got flustered because it wasn't clear at all. She was really sweet, and I got her home without too much trouble. But why did it default to the Uber navigator? I had it set to Google Maps in Settings. Makes no sense.

  10. Thanks so much for being so kind to that new driver at the airport and for sharing this. I, too, signed up for Uber before I realized that I should have waited for someone to refer me. But over the course of many months, it shouldn't matter so much. Really appreciate the way you are paying it forward!

  11. I've been driving for a few weeks and wish I'd seen your video since day one, Jorge. My learning process has been costly, disappointing, to say the least. Here are a couple of questions for your consideration, whose answers I can certainly put to good use: 1) is it possible to know in advance what type (length) of ride I'm getting, and cancel/reject it immediately?. I've driven 14, 16+ miles for 2-3 mile trip that nets me just $ 3.00 and leaves me further away from my most productive area. [I had days in which I was on the road 5+ hours, drove over 100 miles and netted under $ 35.00] 2) I've attempted to download Uber's rider app (online) twice and I couldn't. I'm denied access once I reveal my email address. [I know only one local driver, who showed me in his driver app screen how he can see exactly how many other drivers are currently in the area at the time, thus he may decide to move away]. 3) Most days if not all my earnings for the day reflect a $7/$8 hourly rate; is it common?. My sincere gratitude for your help. Kind regards.

  12. today is my first day in uber,but i dipointed about taking customer in long distance,when i pick up,they just want to go a few block in their place less in 1km,they pay any fare for me,i go to there more 17km,but i dont get anything hmm

  13. I sometimes get calls and arrive at the destination where the rider is no where to be found. I try to call them but the circuits are always busy. I then text them to ask them where they are and if they still want UBER. If I receive no answer within 5 minutes I cancel the trip. My cancel rate is 38% because I am new. Is this a problem for me?

  14. Does this app tell you where you going? because you make trip because some people like me may not like driving to Chicago!! I want to do airport runs to Ohara and work more in my area and other farther suburbs.

  15. Great video Jorge. I've watched a few already and most are very good, but your down to earth approach nailed it for me. I hadn't signed up with anyone before I realized their was a bonus attached. Wish I had known previously, otherwise I would have used your link. Cheers!

  16. today was my first day. I picked up one customer and the request just kept flowing in none stop I ran into a surge and panicked ????????? so bad I cut the app off and felt lost and disappointed when my kids said how was it mom. anyhow thank you so much. I thought I was gonna have to find another job thank you??????