LIVE Video: Instacart Drama Part 2 – I was threatened to be deactivated

The drama continues…
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  1. I was deactivated and they refuse to give me complete details of what I done…I had an issue at a Publix but they trying to make bogus claim about some other inident. Publix is a trip because I called the corporate office at Publix after I was contacted my some random manager from Florida number (which is Google number) Basically I reported it to the initial store manager while I was waiting in store and went to food demo where this old lady was extremely rude and they did the same thing ..IC called me on phone but I can assure you two days later my account was deactivated but they trying to link it from random incident that they refuse to tell me what I did on two Sundays ago that had nothing to do it what happen at Publix ….the same issue happen to me but the funny thing about all of this is that I was making a live video at the time when this old white blatantly stared me down and threw nasty ass plate at me …I want to know do you have contact information because one moment I was told that issue that happen at subdivision closed and then they refuse to tell me anything….I am in the process of seeking an attorney in GA because too many issues are coming up …The concept of IC is good but they are liars, thieves and I was told by 20 customers that they left me a tip but it is not showing up ….

  2. Great video. I really like how you explain and advise. Thank you. It gives me a lot to keep in mind and be aware of because I work with Instacart as well. I occasionally wear my shirt but it's mostly for the customers (so they know who is at their door) and not for the store we go in, some become instantly rude.

  3. If you got deactivated I am sure you could sue that woman and Publix for libel and defamation of character. Send that manager that was coy with you an attorney letter and bully his ass! Speak their language instead of being victimized.

  4. what he is saying is he does not want to be bothered with any thing! thats not a manager, thats a idiot! I hope you recorded this! They dont have your back. Amazon will soon have a shoppers service so …

  5. They have a lot of flaws in their app. After doing uber and lyft, I see so many things they can add to their app. Stat strong. Don't wear your instacart gear anymore. I never do