Lucille Ball Sent Carol Burnett Flowers On Her Birthday | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Carol Burnett shares a fond memory of getting a drink with Lucille Ball before they filmed an episode of “The Carol Burnett Show.”

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  1. I grew up watching "I Love Lucy" but I had no idea that she had other shows or that she made movies before television. I love her two post Lucy shows and her movies. I also LOVE that she was also in a 3 Stooges bit and a Marx Bros. film. I kind of wondered if they were friends when I was little because they were funny. I think I found out they were friends when I say Carol in one of Lucy's shows.

  2. To be clear, Desi did NOT invent the three-camera system. He hired one of the most pioneering cinematographers in film history, Karl Freund, who refined an existing idea to perfection and then every sitcom since copied his techniques.

  3. Thank goodness for Nick at Nite because it allowed someone like me, who was wasn’t even born when I Love Lucy aired, to enjoy her show. I was 4 when she passed. Still one of my favorite shows today.

  4. If you get a chance to see Carol on THE LUCY SHOW (which was Lucille Ball's show in the 60s), it still holds up & it's some of the funniest comedy ever made to this day. It's on you tube. Just type in "Lucy gets a roommate" in the yt search engine. Carol is hilarious in it!