Lyft Agrees to pay $27M Driver Classification Settlement

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Coach Carl Carl Lawrence AKA Coach Carl Private Investigator Extraordinaire has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years. I was driving cab in New York City before Uber was ever a thought. As technology changes, we all have to change with all the new innovations that are occurring every day. So with technology, it is time to bring all Cab/Rideshare drivers under one roof. With numbers there is power. So let's drive into the future together... Coach Carl

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  1. So question about lyft… I hear lyft was in the KC market and pulled out due to the over-regulation (at least compared to other markets).
    And the city employee who put my Uber permit sticker in the window said "lyft pulled out because they wouldn't accept even a single regulation".

    Regulations are needed but not over-regulations.
    So I ask… Is the pull out reason true and has this happened in other cities?

    Why else would a company start and then pull out?
    It's not like the city could get pregnant. Ha

  2. I still say that penalizing us for not accepting Pools is an employer controlling employees. They don't give us the option to be removed from the Pool platform. They say we have the option to deny passengers, but after two denials, we get logged off. And also, if we do accept a pool ride, then they are automatically adding pool riders without giving is the option to accept or decline based on passenger rating, location, what have you.

  3. hey Randy?? I've still not seen or heard anything from the UBER settlement (I average 60-70 hours a week on UBER alone)?? Thought your reliable contact said that it would be very shortly. Any updates?? And how long will I have to wait for the LYFT settlement now?? I'm in Chicago and was told $30 an hour, still waiting to see that?

  4. This is no surprise. This issue was bought up before by a driver which sued Uber as well. In the state of California she received unemployment benefits after Uber deactivated her account.
    My attorney even stated that there is no partnership with these companies. How can a company consider you an independent contractor and develop policies for you to follow in your own vehicle in which they pay no expenses whatsoever on anything but an app.
    Many drivers defended Uber of this argument saying we bad mouthing Uber which in fact those same people will be wanting a share of the lawsuit once the company loses in the court of law.
    These companies will take advantage of you as long as you let them. They will try to take away your rights if you let them or don't educate yourself of them.
    Many people state that Uber brand name has to be protected when using our vehicles. Ok. If you own a Ford do they set policies for you to follow to protect their brand name although you drive around with their symbol and logo marketing their vehicle. If you used your Ford in a getaway bank robbery will that hurt the company brand name. Just as Uber they dont pay for anything so how they gonna tell you what to do in your own car. Its already wrong on telling you how much to charge someone for a service you are rendering NOT Uber.
    Uber states in their policy that they are NOT a cab or Transportation Company but a Technology Company. Yet they set the prices policies on the service you provide in your own vehicle. They already get their share of percentage that fair enough. I believe there will be more lawsuits on the way. The biggest one yet will be Not being suited to service the Handicapped.

  5. Seems like a typical settlement for the transportation industry. Most if not all the the services that connect drivers and passengers are seeing litigation on the subject of driver classification. If its anything like the trucking industry went through it will lead to cost increases for the operators.

  6. Does not mean we would become employees. Uber and Lyft just need to make some tweaks in order to continue this model in CA. Same thing happened to FedEx Ground with their contractors in CA – one of those tweaks was that the contractor had to operate more than one vehicle to be considered an independent contractor.

  7. if it was a settlement not a court order than that means lyftt came to an agreement. and I couldn't imagine them agreeing to anything that didn't cover the issue from here on out and not only covering it but working out in there favor. otherwise they wouldn't have settled it they would've kept fighting

  8. Hey Randy thanks for the information what do you suggest I do I had a problem with lyft and they terminated me I had a great rating and averaged about 40 rides a night what do you suggest I have emailed them and they don't respond is there a lawyer that could look at this?