Lyft Begins Autonomous Operations in SF + Boston

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  1. you think they will offer the same low rates their drivers currently receive? I suspect significantly increasing prices to riders. Too much capital investment, maintenance, insurance, tags/taxes and cleaning. I suspect they will quickly decide the current rate structure isn't "fair" to their own vehicles. I really cannot imagine the desire to take on such tremendous overhead and headache. They were genius in passing down to their drivers all these expenses and getting the cream off the top. Now greed for that fractional profit the drivers muster is leading to massive capital outlays and overhead. It will be interesting to see the results after a few years of operating their own vehicle fleet how they fare.

  2. Does anyone have a clue how much those autonomous vehicles cost with all the equipment installed? I have a hard time believing those would be cost effective over paying us numbskulls to drive our own cars to do the same job. It all seems like a publicity stunt to me.