Lyft Customer Service | How to Contact Lyft

Check out our detailed post on contacting Lyft customer service:

There are a few different ways to get in tough with Lyft support:

24/7 hotline: 855-865-9552 (not a replacement for first response in emergencies)

Email support: email Lyft at [email protected] (usual response time is 1-2 days and responses are very helpful)

Fill out a form on the Lyft website: go to and fill out a form, you will be provided resources that may solve your problem and your form will be sent to a customer service representative.

Lyft has a great customer service department, they are very helpful compared to the customer service offered by other rideshare companies.


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  1. ALSO, I even sent Lyft customer service screen shots showing them that something is wrong with my Driver Dashboard. Two to three different customer service reps said the same thing. You are approved and all set to go. Well it doesnt show that on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7…that should not matter. My phone is showing me still as an applicant, who needs to finish the application…although Lyft Support is saying that I am approved to drive. My DMV and Background check have been approved.

  2. I signed up for LYFT on March 29, 2017. All of my documents have been approved. My Driver Dashboard is still saying Application 40% complete. I have sent 12-14 messages to Lyft Customer Service. They never answer the question directly.

    For example, I wish to use the Express Rental Car Service. I submitted $150, kept checking daily, after 5 days, I asked for the deposit back. The deposit was put back in my account. I tried to resubmit the $150 using the same bank card and it keeps saying payment not accepted although there was $750 in that account at the time.

    On yesterday, I used a totally different bank card and resubmitted the $150. My Driver Dashboard is still saying, Application 40% complete and also saying one thing Left to do…asking for the $150 deposit.

    Can somebody Help me please? I am so frustrated with customer service and I haven't even started driving yet. They keep saying to pay the $150, in which I did and hit the Vehicles tab. I cant get access to the Vehicles tab until Lyft Support updates my payment.

    About an hour ago, I called Cap One Bank and explained that I applied and was approved to drive for LYFT. I wanted to utilize their rental car service, which requires $150 deposit. I said I am going to submit the $150 right now while we are on the phone and please tell me IF if is showing a transaction. She said NO, it did not go through. Does Lyft have an IT department? I have been trying for 8 Days to rent a car and get my onboarding status correct. Something is technically wrong regarding my driver's application.

    I really need to do ridesharing, as I am currently unemployed and I need to pay my rent. I figured Lyft would be the quickest way to take care of my rent responsibility. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been an onboarding nightmare.

  3. Lyft support is BS! The form requires you to confirm you're not a robot, yet there response are often robotic – they just cut & paste polite general response, but nothing specific to your questions. Several weeks of inquiring about missing pay & all I get is "check your dashboard", well it ain't there. They also answer based on key words, like no one can read the full context. The phone line is basically for emergencies only or there's a long wait to put you off.