Lyft & Hertz Express Drive Rental – Free Car With 85 Trips!

Check out my how my first week with the Lyft / Hertz Express Drive program went. The rental is free as long as you complete 85 trips a week and unlimited miles are included. (Trip requirement varies by market.) Update 10/27/2016 – Ride requirement for Los Angeles in now 85 rides, it was 75 while I was renting.

Sign up to drive with Lyft:
Sign up to drive with Uber:

0:03 Intro To The Lyft / Hertz Express Drive Program
0:30 How To Reserve A Car
1:00 Ride Requirement
1:15 Acceptance Rate
1:31 Pros & Cons Of The Program
2:26 Earnings Discussion
4:30 Thanks For Watching! Home

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Please watch: “MY DOORDASH NIGHT RECAP | $105, 8 Deliveries, 28 Miles | It’s All About The Tips!”



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  1. Hi I've signed up for lyft driver and booked a reservation with GM..I saw on the hertz website while booking the car that one should be 25 years old in order to rent with I went with GM but they charge me 25 cents per mile…what if I rent with hertz do they also charge the underage fee when I rent from them to drive lyft..?

  2. can I rent my own rental car and present it to uber and lyft as the car I want to drive? I ask this because if you rent with uber you can only use it for uber and vice versa with lyft! but I have both platforms and I'm making pretty good money having both apps open, double the chances of more rides and money, but I'm not quite sure if I can get my own rental and tell both parties that that's the car I want to drive with. that make sense?

  3. hi, I have a questions I pickup the car on Friday and only I make 37 rides and the car was free, I keep the car for one month and I have to return the car this Friday, I have to complete the 85 rides even if still left 3 days, how this works?

  4. Thanks for Video I have a 14 passenger van does it pay to drive for them either  I work 45 to 50 odd hours and week and have a biz…. average 18 and hour gross. and biz even more but new 2015 E350 only gets 15 mpg thinking higher numbers  more like shuttle would be more income? thoughts

  5. No Lyft power driver bonus with the "free car"? I suspected that.I can pay off my lease car for the whole week driving one shift of 8-12hrs. Lyft says they have "better drivers" and "happier passengers", which basically is saying that Uber drivers and riders are lower life forms, in which case, Lyft drivers obviously do go home and kick their dogs after a frustrating days work, or get abusive or beat their girlfriends, or boyfriends; the next time they get back on Lyft, they have repented and are happy loving Lyft drivers once again. I know, this is a disturbing reality and we should all smoke weed.

    OK, the truth is; Uber has a lion's share of the market and thus will encounter a much broader aspect of humanity and shit goes down hits the fan correspondingly on a higher frequency, and everyone needs to smoke weed.

    Lyft and Uber are the same candy same shit.

  6. How do you sign up for Hertz? Is it through the Vehicles section online where you drop a $50 deposit? Or do you go to the Hertz website for Lyft drivers and rent it through Hertz directly? If I do go to the Hertz website to rent it, am I still eligible for the 75 rides free rental deal? I asked these questions to Lyft already but they responded with some generic response which didn't answer any questions.

  7. Hi RideShareGenuis. I too live in Los Angeles and signed up for the Lyft Hertz Lease Program. Ive been trying to book a reservation for a month now and every time, it says there are NEVER any reservations available for the compact or mid size cars. Does this ever happen to you? Is it because being in LA, has such a high population the cars are always booked?

  8. Let's say that the week after you turn your car in and don't renew the rental agreement for the following week, are you charged anything? Let's say I take a week off without renting another car for that week, there's no charge I hope?

  9. Just signed up with Uber in San Francisco, I own a car, and just want to keep it for family adventures. I have pretty good credit and I was wondering, do you think going through a
    " leasing"program or monthly payments on a "new" car at a dealer In San Francisco Area with wear and tear, is better than $ 200.00 a week with Hertz? and can you drive your Uber leased car for Lyft too with no penalty. Thank You for your vlog its one of the best I have seen out there:)

  10. Hey Ezra, thanks for sharing this and your other tip videos! I was recently approved through the Lyft Express Drive program in LA. After getting approved, I clicked through the Rent Vehicle link in the Lyft app, chose the Hertz option and was redirected to the Hertz site. I made a reservation for La Brea Ave. location and showed up at my time the next day. A guy at the Lyft table there told me that I didn't use the correct reservation system…He emailed me some links for a different scheduling system and said to check them every 1/2 hour for availability. I emailed Lyft Support to let them know. Seems like a system bug to me if the app isn't redirecting correctly. Anyway, wondering if you have heard of this. Thanks.

  11. What about insurance? Do you have to have "ride share insurance"? Or is there a separate insurance provided by the rental company? Or does Lyft covers you? Is it extra for this insurance? Thank you for your videos. I just discovered your channel.

  12. Awesome video man! I'm glad I read through the comments because I was going to ask if you could rent one car and drive for both Uber and Lyft. Here in ATL it's hard to hit that minimum. I'm definitely going to look into leasing from an independent fleet. Thanks again!