Lyft Raises Lyft Line Pay Rates For Drivers In All U.S. Cities! ???

Lyft recently announced they’ve raised Lyft Line pay rates for drivers in all U.S. cities to match regular Lyft rates. Good news for drivers!

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  1. if you're in a Lyft line there is a way to stop passengers from requesting you you just press the top button that says online and press go offline and then it'll tell you that you go offline after your last Drive

  2. Hey Ezra. On Lyft line, after i accept the first one, i go into airplane mode. That way it doesn't interrupt my ride with another pickup. Once i pull into destination, i go off airplane mode and end the ride. It's not perfect, sometimes there is a ride still waiting, but at least I was able to give my uninterrupted one on one customer experience for better chance at tip and i don't get penalized for cancelling as most times then next "line" in que will cancel on thier own.

  3. We don't have Lyft Line or UberPOOL here in Pittsburgh but paying an equivalent amount for Line versus traditional Lyft is the right thing to do. Like you mentioned drivers are investing more time for these type of rides and should at least make the same rate as the traditional equivalent.