Lyft Referral Bonus Update!! WOW!! 08-14-2017

Sign up to drive with Lyft: Up to $800 bonus:

Read Harry Campbell’s article here:


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  1. I signed up for Lyft in February using a driver/friend's referral code. Lyft had opened our market in January.

    Rules were to complete 50 trips in 30 days for $100, standard.

    I took every ping, except when I was on an Uber trip. Randy, thank you for Mystro, it fixes that. I digress.

    My infant Lyft market yeided only 42 trips. I was paid $2 for each trip, on the weekly payout. Motivating, yes.
    OTOH – My friend got nothing. Ostensibly because I didn't complete 50 rides.

    Interesting double standard.