LYFT / TOP 10 things you should have if you drive for LYFT or UBER

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  1. I got into a discussion with a lady that demand I get water for future riders. Not! Having all the extras does not motivate someone to tip or give a better rating that is nonsense. Good job with video making, but I disagree about the amenities, these people are paying for a seat from point a, to point b and possibly point c. I don't think its fair for Uber to encourage that behavior and expect us to offer those to riders. Being that its optional for drivers, this sets people up to fail; because, not everyone agrees that this is the proper way to Uber. I did start out offering a charge, but when the charger walked out of my car in someone's pocket, that is when my kindness turned into Major Payne. Will never see fit to offer these to riders, they don't tip, they don't understand rating system, the only people that are truly being affected by this type of service is the driver who doesn't offer it. Because those riders who are accustomed to that type of service expect it, then when they ride with someone who doesn't partake they then score them low, or won't converse.

  2. ok so I agree with everything on this video except for the unnecessary candy and water expense. with the constant rate cuts and slap on our faces by uber there is little or no  point in wasting the tiny income that you actually do get on uncessesary expenses. u can argue all you want that candy and water increases your chances of getting a 5 star rating and getting a tip but the reality is that most people don't really care and give 5 stars anyways unless u do something they hate because most regular users know about the shit rating system. And the whole tip thing u can make a lot more money by striking a good conversation with the passanger since the overall service of uber drivers to riders is diminishing fast because drivers r unhappy. I have taken multiple rides and notice that in 1 years time the drivers went from being super serviceable to not wanting to talk to the riders at all or as little as possible. so there for an awesome conversationist of a driver is starting to become scares, you provide that and surley get a tip. now how I know all this??? at the end of the day your lucky to make 10/hr  that is the reality do if u make less than that does it really justify buying unnecessary crap? absolutely not. hotels do this but they can afford to since their profit margin is in the hundreds per customer. ours is in the 2-10$ average per customer. Ive been driving for 3 years now in one of the busiest markets in the country. and this market has almost 0 public transportation so there is a high demand and it still dosent make sense for us here. so I cant imagine ur market

  3. Does depend on the market…in the New Jersey area I get 5 star ratings and good tips without candy and water…most drivers I know also stopped the water due to having to clean up all the spills. Barf bags are great idea…but it's best to get the passenger out before they puke…best way…tell them it will cost them $500 if they do.

  4. I average about the same in cash tips just by having my signs, a lighted tip jar and providing friendly good service. I did the candy and water thing…but on any given Friday and Saturday night when all my pax are drunk..I stopped the candy and water for the trash reasons.