Lyft / Uber Rideshare Tips and Tricks to make more money

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My notes for my tips and tricks

Have a nice car

Keep your car completely empty of things for cleanliness as well as things no one can steal..

Stay in complete control of everything especially your phone – i try to keep the music and radio off, talk, you control the music or just play the radio,

Scam you out of money, lyft doesn’t tell you what the fare is at while you are driving or waiting. A scam that can be pulled is if the rider tries to keep you as long as possible over

Run both apps

When running both apps possible miss rides, be careful accept first then go offline on other app.

Phone charger for car

Share your number with certain people

Sometimes the app will not make an alert sound and you can miss a ride. Disconnect Bluetooth

Hangout at obvious places where their is a lot of activities and etc.
Tampa – airport clubs etc district.

I don’t hangout at airport unless it is surging.. to many ppl hangout there

Expect downtime, books, videos etc

Best days and time… if you are day time.. Monday thru Friday rush hour times
Thursday thru Sunday morning 9pm to 7am is what I do..

Piss bottle for night runs

Airports mornings early in the week to the airport. Later in the week Friday weekends coming back trips out of the airport.

A lot of people smell like shit.. want to smoke, or drink alcohol in your car…
Air out car after each ride and before next rider..

Give out number to certain people, network at certain areas. Cash money. Strippers clubs etc.

Ask passenger to destination route, a/c music, talk etc.

Ratings… a lot of people do not rate and when they do… most will be good.. but then there are those that are yor typical jerks, anti socials.. (use pictures of ratings)

Find trips towards a destination

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