Make an Android App Like UBER – Part 15 – Saving User Information

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**Full Gear List**

♦ Toshiba Portege R930:
♦ Logitech Mx Master Mouse:
♦ Samsung S24D300HL 24’…


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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the wonderful series.
    Can you please change some features while registration, if a driver wants to register, he/she should be asked for name, phone number and vehicle type. If a customer wants to register, he/she should asked for name phone. While a customer wants to request a ride, he/she should be given some options like small car, suv or truck.
    Can you please add these to the app?


  2. I only have one question , why firebase , why not mysql,php,volley or retorfit and RxJava, I read more and more articles but I need the final word from you cause I trust your way of thinking as it appears in your code