Mark Blyth ─ Global Trumpism

Watson Institute Student Seminar Series – American Democracy: The Dangers and Opportunities of Right Here and Right Now

Designed especially with Brown undergraduates in mind, but welcoming all members of the University and wider community, this seminar series meets in the weeks both before and…


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  1. Once again a broken monopoly is an even worse octopus sea cracken called a cartel standard oil???? Federal job guarantee for the public purpose force the inequality out raise the price of labor this time around they pull there nonsence we anal pike them infront of there relatives in the town square investor class revolution thats rich

  2. :)) Romanians are not making money hand over fist selling car parts to America, they are selling them to Germany for cost + 0.1% and show very low "labour productivity" on Eurostat, then the Germans (or the Dutch, etc.) sell them to US for what the market can bear.

  3. Excellent talk. But the right wing "racist" comments are boring. Being against immigration is not racist. Wanting to preserve your culture is certainly not racist. Otherwise Japan would be the most racist country in the world. But beyond that, excellent points.

  4. This just happened in Mongolia too with the election of Battulga. He is a former martial arts star and a huge nationalist. He used Trump rhetoric of "Mongolia first," cozies up to Putin, and wants to pull back from China, which would kill the Mongolian economy. This truly is happening everywhere.

  5. fairness is in the eye of the taxpayer. anyone who claims that others arent paying their ' fair share' are really saying that they have a right to steal from the ' rich ' to make life more FAIR. His answer is to look for a ' fair ' government to force others to adhere to his opinion. He is a socialist……..with charts and graphs

    His audience is looking for a like minded speaker, a fellow who shares in their perma victimology. What is his fix for this inequality? how does he explain mark zuckerberg, jeff bezos, steve jobs, bill gates………..all americans, all products of capitalism, all products of more doing and less whining……………….maybe thats the fix, stop whining, and do something.

  6. Its not all racism, it's about a change of tack, not less than 500,000 people's year since 2002 in UK, & not less than 200,000 a year since 1992. Truth is now and again you have to change tack. Political chaos of party's in UK, public distrust and wealth disparity has grown too large.

  7. By the way, on the opening slide, it's not Marine LE PEN on the photo you are presenting but Marion MARECHAL LE PEN !! It’s like presenting Theresa MAY and showing pictures of Margaret THATCHER. This doesn’t give much credibility to the rest… Especially when in all your symposiums you omit, bash our give wrong quotes about the French. It’s always a very poor résumé of the situation in Europe and more so in France.

  8. Absolutely brilliant lecture! However, in the discussion following 1:08:30, the "sharing economy" runs up against patents for business methods, algorithms and software. Alternative platforms are not so easy.

  9. Socialist Globalist Liberalism wants us all to be poor & on welfare, except for them, the pushers, so they can say liberalism works just before it goes bankrupt by its "free everything" platform that they, the liberal pushers, have to lie to get the suckers to believe it & vote for it.

  10. Yes, the "soft left," are a major problem. I've been involved in lefty politics for years. I've seen a move away from real issues such as economics, housing, and healthcare for all. Into silly single issue crap where one has to accept, or call a washout like Bruce Jenner a "hero." Where if you didn't support Hillary, you were branded a sexist, if you are concerned about immigration you are a racist. I don't care how gay or coloured you are. I do care about whether you and your family have access to essentials. Thus, I am concerned about what multi-national forces screwing the 3rd world and neo-liberal ideologies have done to people's countries which force people to leave where they are from.

  11. …I'm no intellectual, but for me the problem is this – there are simply too many humans on the planet, all of whom want the same security & standard of living as so many enjoy in developed countries.  They want to escape war and poverty, they see the abundance and waste in Europe/US/Japan whenever they look at the images on a smart phone….and they can't understand why they starve as we spend billions on 'stuff'.   So they come in their millions, taking dangerous routes, suffering and dying as the march…but they just keep coming, and abundance is threatened with scarcity as we realise our countries cannot feasibly cope with the infinite number of people who need fed & clothed and housed.   It is in our nature to help our fellow man but we are ineffective & it is counter productive to providing the best solutions we can, if we ourselves are overrun and under immense pressure.   Controlling immigration and finding ways to support migrants in their own countries is not 'racism'…it's common sense.

  12. I like what he said about robots: who reaps the returns, cui bono?
     A shop with 5 workers puts in 200 hrs (total) to produce X widgets. New tech comes on line that produces X plus widgets in 75 hrs. Cui Bono? Do you reduce the work week to 15 hrs/worker with no reduction in pay? Or do you reduce the workforce (one 40hr worker; one 35 hr worker; three thrown out into the streets)? So far the world has chosen to reduce the workforce so that the investor class benefits exclusively. Well, one might argue they should reap the returns on their investment. But, what about the taxpayers – whose investment in R&D invented the new tech in the first place? To give just one example, 80%+ of the tech in the i phone was invented by the state (the taxpayer). There is no Tony Stark! Is it true that technological improvements can only benefit the wealthy leaving the rest at each others throats over the crumbs?

  13. damnit… lost me at "global warming"… climate = weather averaged over time and guess what, it always changes and is driven predominately by that giant ball of burning gas in the sky. just saying, though i love mark's matter of fact common sense i am struck by his faith based stance on a giant political agenda.

  14. Why does Mark talk about the American System of Universities economic practices? High cost of colleges that has been out stripping inflation for decades. The ultimate union in America which is Professor tenure. The College practice of flunking out half the freshmen class, which is half the student enrollment.
    The American College System needs restructured, but that won't come from you.

  15. Elementary, my Dear Watson. The Chinese have taken over the World, (and nobody knows it):
    World economics is like a teeter totter. Jobs and industry in China go up, jobs and industry in the rest of the world go down. This is what happened to the World. The Chinese have their monetary exchange rate set so low, they don't need any other barriers to trade. All goods made outside of China are too expensive for the Chinese to buy. All goods made in China are so cheap; That, all the stores of the World are filled with them. Chinese made goods have displaced the home made goods in the retail stores of Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. Until this monetary inequality is addressed, the manufacturing sectors in the rest of the world are doomed.

  16. Brexit was closet and overt racism. The overwhelming majority of immigrants were white European, how does that one play out Mark ?
    Nothing to do with the electorate realising that we have had all the effects of a city the size of Birmingham arriving every three years without any of the infrastructure of a Birmingham being provided.
    The Uber drivers great but I'll have a bet that he can't take time for a pee in one of your gender neutral toilets.
    Typical do as I say.

  17. I like Mark Blyth since he talks like me. The trouble with being employed by the Bourgeoisie. Don't blame him for that we have to live. But as Karl Marx observed in the "Communist Manifesto" in his call to the Working class; " Soothsayers and greybeards explain how the world works. Our job is to change the world"!

    With 80% of the planet not having enough calories and living in Victorian conditions,and advanced countries just starting to experience these conditions to a lesser degree. Capitalism is long overdue it's total deracination,by revolution globally and a Socialist Planet to advance all it's peoples!

  18. What would happen globally if a business successfully introduced a new currency based on an hour of a persons time? Imagine an income based coin that allows the seller to price an item as a percent of a persons yearly income. So for a person earning $100,000/yr the price of a medical device like epipen might be .005% of your yearly income which equals the current market price of $500. But for people who make more money than $100,000/yr the costs of the epipen would be higher and a person earning $200,000/yr would have to pay $1000. And for people who are poor and maybe earns $50,000/yr the cost of .005% of a yearly income would be a lower $250. This makes the business more money because they make more money on the high income customers and also because they don't lose marginal profits on the low income customers. the cost of producing an epipen is only $50 so if they sell an epipen to low income people they are still making more profit than if they had lost the sale and received no profit. So business wants to do this to make profit and they don't need any customers permission.

    the result of income based pricing digital currency is a leveling of the innequality purchasing power of individuals and also an increase of profits to business. How would that affect economic principles?