Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor fight & how to make money in Las Vegas with Uber & Lyft, Very noisy

Came into town to watch the Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor fight and ended up doing a Las Vegas video after talking to several drivers. Check the Las Vegas Convention Center calendar Get the Highest UBER Las Vegas bonus….

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  1. The best rides are out to summerlin from the strip or from the airport to like redrock casino or out to henderson green valley area or to southern highlands also with vegas a key to here is quantity to get target bonuses and majority of strip clubs are close by the wynn on industial blvd long runs do come out of Fremont street

  2. Afternoon sir I enjoy every information on here I really appreciate it I learned a lot from you. I got a quick question I noticed that you were in Vegas on Fight Night do you do multiple States when you drive? I go to Vegas once a month and I would like to drive out there but I guess you're not permitted to drive and also like Arizona but Uber does an authorized because you have to have an Arizona driver's license with insurance and registration? I would like to know do you Drive multiple States?

  3. For Wynn/Encore. There's a Cathedral area just to the north with a huge parking lot to stage in. In terms of Paradise road, you can get a few hits at the Hard Rock, especially as their Dayclub (Rehab) is getting out. For long rides on a Friday or Saturday evening (5-9pm), I'll sometimes stage all the way out at the Green Valley Casino and usually I'll get a local couple coming into the strip/downtown for the evening.