MUST WATCH Car Detailing Tips and Tricks Livery Uber Lyft Driver Secret

A secret on HOW To set yourself apart from your completion when cleaning and detailing you car.

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  1. damn cant even clean off the running board, but your gonna obsess over the bottom of the door, you wheel wells look like shit! Your tires and your rims are hurt! You need to wash that rim with some acid and degrease your tires and throw a dressing on there for christ sake if your going to say "presentation"..

  2. I drive with uberx & select and keep a clean machine. But still snowing here in the moth of April. After 4000 trips here in Milwaukee, I see some door jam scratches… from pax key chains, or wallet chains. My car is older with 88,000 miles (88k)… If it were a current year model, I would be pissed off…
    Is there an invisible bra or similar shield to protect door jams? never mind the scratches on blackleather seat cushions 2008 Lacrosse