MY DOORDASH NIGHT RECAP | $105, 8 Deliveries, 28 Miles | It’s All About The Tips!

Quick recap of my night delivering for DoorDash. I earned $105 in 3 hours while driving 28 miles. Pretty good!

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  1. Is it not true that you get tipped before you even complete the order? I know they can give you cash tips obviously but that is never factored into the app itself. These means I can be a bad dasher and still get great tips but your rating can drop from their complaints after the fact.

  2. I've been running postmates now for 1 month and I've only ever got one call to a steakhouse and the bill was 100+ tip was 21$ but most of my calls are fast food places from people ordering 2 things MAX. tips are usually 0.00 or less than what the delivery payout was. I don't know if I should filter out the fast food.. Or wait for the "big" orders to maximize tips. Would you say running both postmates and door dash is a hard thing? I live in OC I might consider working only in LA from now.

  3. Great video and information sir! I've been driving for Postmastes and DoorDash for a few months now in the Orange County area. Do you ever venture out to these areas or do you strictly stay in the Santa Monica area?