My Experience With Uber’s New Destination Filter

Uber’s little-known destination feature can be very useful to drivers – if you know the rules and tricks. Here’s what you need to know about Uber’s destination filter and an in-action video of how I use the destination filter to work smarter, not harder.

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  1. I have been using it since I started with Uber. When I am done for the night, I set it using for rides home. I usually get a number of rides home and have to cut it off after an hour of driving after I want to go home.

  2. I Uber Part Time and work FT. So I use this filter on my way to work and back home. It works well. Most commutes I will get pinged at least once a trip. Some days I don't get anything on the trip, but most days I do. I have found that it doesn't take me too far off course, and let's me turn my commute into something that makes a few bucks instead. 🙂

  3. My take on destination filter for both Uber and lyft. Is lyft does a better job you get rides at least covering 50% towards your destination but fewer rides while Uber might give you more rides more often but most of them would go a mile or two towards your destination but might be a mile off track. Meaning if you want to go north the ride you get with Uber might be 2 / 3 miles NE or NW

  4. Very lame that they restrict this to only 2 trips a day. Consequently I end up canceling a number of trips because the rider's destination does not sync with where I am going or want to go. Restricting the DF usage results in poorer service to customers

  5. I am in the Chicago market and live in the south suburbs. I used to have to dead head home each night I drove (often from the north side). I have used this feature twice and both times I got 2 extra rides each time I wouldn't have had otherwise. Last night I got a trip that took me almost all the way home! So far I love this feature.

  6. What they need is a function that lets you filter out areas for either pick up or delivery – Some areas of town are not places you want to be in, period. If enough drivers filter out certain zones, the rates to go there would have to go up – discounting high volume areas like airports, stadiums, and the like (to prevent pool zone blocking to force up rates).

  7. Used destination filter toward home three times. First time okay in La Jolla 28 miles from home and get two rides in quick succession and end up a mile from home end up … not bad. Next time I'm in Oceanside from an airport ride and start driving back toward San Diego. First ping I get is to get off I-5 and head back north a mile or two then pick up PAX and she is going to Palomar Airport Rd – several more miles north. Not so hot. Went off line and drove 34 miles home deadhead. Laat one was again in North County again and selected home address and then drove all the way home over 25 miles without a ride.

    My experience anyway.

    I had not driven for over hour weeks before starting again as had back surgery. Got an e-mail saying if I didn't start driving my app could be disabled! Drove some the next day and had to update my app to get started. Noted every trip with new updated app (destination filter) said after trips – "calculating fare free to continue driving." Sometimes it takes 20 minutes for my last fare into to show up!?

    Well is this because Uber doesn't want me to see the info incase the PAX got charged more than the expected 25% over (with airport fee/safe driving fees ignored? I've asking rides to look at their charges when getting out to see if there is an "Fare Update charge. So far none. Just askin. dc

  8. I dont and i always contact uber and get same computer genersted response. Thats its a work in progress lol. I always suggest to rider to contact uber because i think they listen to riders more than us. Plus there giving them eta and pool or not a 20 min trip shouldnt take an hour. The other day i picked up 2 rides one block apart. Both there destinations were 20 min away if went direct. Dropped the first rider it took 20 min. Now were 35 min awsy from 2nd riders destination. We started 20 min away. How do they consider those 2 going on same route. Uber can never give me a straight answer so i told customer to ask uber why they were matched up with that rider. Wonder if they got a reason. I didnt

  9. I found an issue with the destination filter in that suppose I set the address at 50 miles south of my location, a ping can come from 5 miles north which will then take me back 6 miles south (or perhaps even just back to my starting point-don't remember exactly). This can cause much wasted time. I wish they would give the option of setting a limit to how much out of your way the pick up can be.

  10. Uber pool aint much better the other day after sitting in traffic with a rider for 45min to go through the lincoln tunnel i t wanted me to go back through the tunnel to nj to get another rider going to the city. It only sees that its 5 mins to get to this rider doesnt see it will take 45 min to get back to were we already were. Lol this happens all the time and when i tell uber i always get a computer generated response. Know its not related but set destination feature is based on how uber pool finds trips going similar route.

  11. Its a great ides but it needs a lot of tweaking. Cause i had it set i was currently 45 min from my destination. I got a trip right away it was a 30 min trip it left me 40 min away from my destination coming from the west instesd of south were i was so it took 30 min to get me 5 min closer. On the other hand yestetday i took a customer 90 min south so i worked down there till after rush than set destination and got a trip bringing me almost all the way back. When i questioned them they said its a work in progress

  12. My most recent experience with destinations this weekend, got me two trips from D.T. LA to Covina. The 2nd trip I received literally ended 4 min from where I live. I was surprised. I've also came to the conclusion that if your not going to drive straight home in hopes of getting a trip on the way home, and instead sit around waiting for a trip/trips, destinations should be used about an hour prior to you actually wanting to go home. I also happen to notice your odds of getting a trip sooner, is greater when your in a high request area vs a low request area.