My First Juno Ride in New York Review! Uber vs Juno Cheaper Then Uber POOL!

My First Juno Ride in New York Review! Uber vs Juno Cheaper Then Uber POOL!

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By Jermaine Ellis
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This Video was made in New York City!
this video with filmed Lumix LX 10
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Uplink – To Myself (feat. NK) [NCS Release] | Official Video

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Comment (85)

  1. It's just a race to the bottom. To me all these ride share companies are just competing to see who can pay the least. Uber has definitely set the standards of how low you can get away with paying a driver. And they have also trained passengers to expect something from almost nothing. If it wasn't for Uber, everybody would still be tipping.

  2. Hopefully Juno will be here soon in Fresno CALIFORNIA. I am tired of Uber my self. Lyft is not much different. Both companies are taking to much for them selves and leaving us drivers with just about enough to pay the bills. I feel sorry for those who drive a V6 or even a 4 cylinder. Not much profit there. I drive a hybrid and even then I am still penny pinching.

  3. what a great way to start a company like Juno. Good job boys. i know I butted heads with ride share guy in the past but I'm happy you guys are being so informative. I believe that Uber is greedy, out of touch, and unappreciative of its drivers. ultimately, that will lead to their loss in market share. Lyft may be slightly better. In markets like Orlando that pay less per mile, you can't make a living just driving. i think a solution would be to maybe charge drivers in these lower paying markets a lower percentage to even the playing field. something has to give. Good job!

  4. I don't want to hear any of you Uber drivers are Juno drivers and any Rideshare drivers bitching about lower rates you guys want to be slaves go ahead you want to play cabbie with your own car you deserve what happens to you you don't think about the family as a cab driver he f*** over so when you guys lose everything hope you have a f**** enjoying it you want to be slaves go ahead

  5. Guys if you sign up with multiple companies then you don’t have to rely on uber much. So in nyc my primary choice is JUNO, then Gett Taxi (also 10% commission), Lyft, and finally uber only during surge. I like how you think, so we have to organize and get the message out. In time as JUNO grows I will drop most companies as they still don’t have market share to a level where I want. But a great company and does care about drivers and low commission. You guys can also sign up with your local car service company as limosys is an app that carservice companies use to connects passengers with drivers. If you use all of the strategies then you only want to use uber when they are surging. This will force them to change or lose market share as during normal fare time, the driver base abandons uber’s app.

  6. i cant stand when people say Uber sucks which we all agree by now but yet people continue 2 drive for them they stay busy just 4 that reason alone just delete the fucking app already they clearly dont give 2 shits about the drivers

  7. there are some discrepencies here. juno from what I've heard is still not allowed to actually pick up calls at the airports. so you can't take a juno FROM LGA or JFK, you can of course take a juno to the airports. ive tried gett, juno and uber. i dumped Gett, because the app was too difficult, and the pay was a week later. i hear Gett has recently improved though. I love Juno, i just wish i could get more rides with it though. Uber is my go to unfortunately, but whenever i want to relax and not worry about having to deal with the notorious uberpool trips, i go with juno alone. since new customers get 35% off they tend to go farther. so you can make a bunch of money tsking people longer distances with juno, and with a special Juno phone, yes! they give you a phone! that 35% off for customers is not a one time thing, you get thst discount up until Juno decides otherwise. older customers were getting 20% off for the last 4 months or something up until they started promising new riders 35% off, so now you get the discounts, and the older customers are getting a smaller discount. juno also pays drivers a rate if it takes more than 5.5 minuted to get to the pick up. one more thing. i see thst driver's got a yellow license like me, that means he's got some real experience he's working with, a former cabbie. cheers.

  8. Juno needs to expand,,, uber has gotten out of control with the way they are treating their drivers,,, in Juno ,,, a driver can call a live person to speak to unlike uber,, they are so deceptive
    Juno,,, you must not allow uber to continue to grow,,, drivers you must leave uber if you can and drive for Juno