My first Juno ride in New York

I took my first Juno ride in New York recently, which was great because we’ve been talking about Juno a lot on Want to know more about Juno and how my ride when? Check it out!

Jermaine’s video on Juno:

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  1. Uber is not bad. I don't like is that uber charges twice to the driver . 1 bookings fee & 1 percentage. If that's the case uber should bring down the percentage . And also put a tipping in the app. And also bring up the rates.

  2. It will be interesting to see how fast Juno expands when they start reaching into other markets. They are smart to pre-register drivers as I've had quite a few referrals already and have pre-registered myself. Definitely a lot of interest in other markets for drivers!

  3. there is no tablet law, just high demand makes it very hard to use multiple ride apps on one device… also uber in nyc takes 25% for newer drivers, however of course, thst doesn't include the gauranteed pricing, which messes up our sales tax deductions. juno only takes 10% but also pays back some sales tax on the tolls.

    additionally juno and uber and lyft and gett take a 8.875% sales tax, and a 2.44% black car fund fee for every single trip. here's where it gets worse. becuase ubernyc can't do the math correctly, thanks to their stupid gauranteed pricing.