My Scariest Moment as a Woman Uber Driver

The #1 question people, ask is “Do Women Uber Drivers Get Hit On”. It’s no doubt women that there are THOUSANDS of Women that drive for Uber but trust there are inappropriate situations that we have to deal with. In this video I share my scariest moment as an Woman Uber driver. ​.

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  1. listen I don't know anything about Uber and the guidelines and the rules you have to abide by what do they restrict you from carrying a concealed weapon like a handgun? Especially in a state where they are good with concealed carry?

  2. HEY…..Gotta idea for women like you driving Uber. Post a picture of you and your husbands wedding picture on the rear view mirror in plain site.This may stop alot of harassment. If your single use a picture of your boyfriend and you hugging / kissing. it should work but it's not 100% full proof.

  3. I am a man so the only danger was an order to henchman to "merc" me according to asserted specifications. I could have embarrassed her by naming four people I knew who died where I dropped them off, Barry Farm, but the erstwhile henchman took it for PPD which it was. PPD act out can go further but I wasnt playing. The baby was little so I figured PPD.

  4. This video was the realest! I'm an Uber driver as well, and I THANK GOD I have never had moment where I felt threatened. People ask if I've ever been scared as well and I always say "knock on wood" because no. I drive an SUV so I get a lot of comments like "you are so small in this big car"… and I actually am really small (4'11") but I'm no child… still I drive during the day to feel a little safer. I started sharing my location on my phone with my dude every time I drove so he'd know where I was (or at least my last location) if I wasn't home by a certain time. THE STREETS ARE CRAZY! Haha stay safe out there!

  5. I can't do the night club closing anymore. These people leaving the club between 1am and 4am are completely disgusting. They might throw up, they eat in your car without asking for permission, no respect whatsoever. They try to have sex in the car, They exited my van leaving four food empty container in my 3rd row seat. I'm done at 1am.

  6. Thank you for this video. I'm going to start driving soon and this confirms what I already thought, for me. I can get you to the club but I can't take you home. 11 pm I'm gotta be home :). I know I won't make as much money but that is ok. :)! Stay safe and keep the videos coming.

  7. Yes, may I propose a solution for you? I have been driving since July, 2016 and I move my front passenger seat all the way forward and ask all passengers to sit in the back seat for 2 reasons. 1) I just assume that all women want to distance themselves from the male driver and would would instinctively go for the back seat anyway I also place my shoulder bag in the front passenger seat that otherwise prompts him/her to the back seat. 2) If a male rider approaches the front seat then I just point him to the back seat. The only time I remove my shoulder bag is if there's a party of 3 or 4.

    As far as you are concerned, if a single male objects to sitting in the back seat you could always explain that it is only for your safety and comfort. If he still insists then you can always insist on him calling another UBER. I would then cancel the ride and then fare review and DO NOT CHARGE RIDER if and only if he was NOT disrespectful.

  8. commenting on someones appearance is against uber guidelines… im told uber when it happened in my uber car and they said further behaviour like this wil result in a review of their access to uber.. so that means nothing and they are free to keep using uber…

    a number of times my customers made physical contact with me… but last time a girl kissed me on the cheek lol, the people of noosa love their uber drivers i got more tips in 5 hours there than i have in the entire 1 year 8 months rest of my uber life

  9. Hey Cec! good to happen upon a friendly familiar face while watchin bout the Ubers. I had a few crazy stories and the most craziest was from a woman insisting on kissing me cuz I'm "tooooo beautiful not to kiss" . umm no thanks, out my car playa smh She was bout ta get popped in the mouth. You know my get down lol

    Glad you're alright though gir

  10. I am not going to state the obvious (your looks) but you are a brave woman I cannot imagine any significant other being alright with you driving by yourself with strangers. I run into some different types of ppl often so I can only imagine what you endure

  11. This story right here is why people don't like women driving uber here's another example of women deciding to do something and then blaming the way men naturally are as yet another problem. if you have those kind of fears and worries and gripes you don't need to be doing this.

  12. Stay safe next time follow your first thoughts about going home. Had a bad feeling about a ride that wasn't worth me getting got. My hood Spidey senses kicked in when I got a ride request a bad part of town. I cancelled that ride and immediately got another from the same address….lol not today I'm outta here. Don't care if my rating dropped