Mystro App Update 1.1.1 NEW!!! 08-03-2017

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  1. I'm an Uber and Lyft driver in the Chicago market. I am having an issue with the app not automatically accepting Uber rides. It does automatically accept Lyft rides but not Uber for some reason. Any ideas on how to fix this or does anyone else have this issue?

  2. Hello uber man I'm in Chgo and update after update this app never works with uber and they know I purchased the yearly subscription and I'm very disappointed I did you say that's because Chgo doesn't have a pax rating that's not true. We get rated everyday that's a pax rating

  3. Mystro does not entirely keep your 'eyes on the road' and such. Automates a lot, but doesn't automate everything.

    When the ride is at it's destination (but not complete) it may – or may not – switch from navigate mode back to the host app to complete it.
    When a ride cancels it does not clear/shut off the navigation app as another way to let you know the ride cancelled (if you missed the audio and very brief visual cue). This may have changed with the latest patch if it's supposed to shut off navigation at ride completion/cancel.

    Either Mystro or Lyft (I'm not sure which) is auto-starting the ride when the 5 min timer ends, regardless if I have the rider or not. This is taking the 'wait time' payment right out of the fare if the rider is slow, and cancelling is on ME, not them.