Mystro Explainer Video – Be Like John!

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  1. Here's some possible Mystro taglines for ya:

    Don't drive harder. Drive Smarter with @MystroDriver

    Play those Rideshare Apps like a Stradivarius with @MystroDriver

    Uber has been controlling drivers since 2011. It's time to make Uber your ? with @MystroDriver

    It's more important than ever to make the most of the rideshare opportunity. Let @MystroDriver make the most of you.

    "No fate but what we make for ourselves." Let @MystroDriver be your SKYNET.

    If the cost of @MystroDriver is too high, try the cost without it.

    百聞は一見に如かず @MystroDriver

    Using @MystroDriver with @Uber is literally 一石二鳥

    Don't be Uber's pawn anymore. @MystroDriver

    I think I'm running out of tag lines. @MystroDriver

  2. Randy, please pass this suggestion to developers. For a truly hands free experience. It would be nice to have it automatically select "navigate" in the app once the ride is selected. That way I don't have to touch the phone while driving. Which is a great feature.

  3. Hey Randy, Just got the launch announcement email from Mystro. Here is part of it:

    "Although Mystro is no longer in beta or free, we are offering 33% and 50% off the monthly and annual subscription respectively, for current users like you! However, you will need to claim this discount NTL July 10, 2017 and all previous versions of the app will no longer function properly."

    So…I deleted the beta app I've been using and uploaded it again….but it's still in beta stage! Also, how do we get the % off on the subscriptions? There isn't a code included. Help! Thanks.