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  1. used it Sunday night in Phoenix Arizona and I have to say it was awesome. there was just one fluke where it in turn off one of the other applications when I took a ride but it went back to itself after rebooting the system.

  2. hey randy, a few videos ago, you said, you dont get a commission on mystro. well I downloaded mystro today, it took me to a few training videos with another rideshare driver that was giving his code, saying he does make a little commission. so are you lying to people? you did say, you dont get commission. I just wanna clear this up, you do get commission so dont fool us

  3. Only supports Uber and Lyft. Lyft is not available outside of the US. Without the support of other ridesharing apps eg. DiDi, Grab, Ola etc., and on top of no iOS support, the usability of the app is very limited.

  4. Please fix stacked rides on Lyft. After the first ride and then when the next ride is in queue the Uber app comes back online. This creates an issue when logging off of Uber manually shuts down Mystro. This is a bug that has existed for awhile now. And for reference purposes I'm using the latest version of Mystro. Thanks

  5. Beta 14
    Almost perfect. I've for tested 2-3 weeks. 100+ trips.

    This version is significantly better than V13. With V14 I have not lost any trips. Came back from taking a leak and phone said "EN ROUTE"

    My acceptance rate is down, I have fewer cancellations and my rating is up by a point.

    Thx Randy for getting it out there.