New Amazon Flex Driver!!!

Guess WHat you guys!!! Im a new Amazon Flex Driver!!!

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  1. Whats up Toya, Glad you finally got on with flex. It's a really good gig, and if you keep your rating up, they will send you more and more reserve apps so that you don't have to tap for them. I've been with them since they started in Atlanta and I get from 15 to 20 hours a week in reserves + whatever blocks you can catch so it adds up. Here are a few things to help you out, first if you have any problems always contact support. For example, if the station is late giving you your packages, and that makes you late delivering them, it will count against you, even though it wasn't your fault. If you get to a gated community and the customer doesn't give you a gate code, or you can't gain access to a building for whatever reason, always contact support. If you get to a customer's location and their isn't a safe location to leave the pkg, mark it undelivered and return it to the station. Don't leave it, because if it comes up missing – its on you. Returned packages don't count against you – missing packages will. I also have tips to help you get more blocks. You can get hot wheels offers and sprouts too, but congrats and if you need any help. let me know.

  2. I got on too! I was literally stalking the website trying to get on. Finally, about a week ago they sent me the link to start the on-boarding process. I'm working out of Smyrna and did my first block last Friday. I am SO hooked. Good for you! I've got to say watching your videos has really inspired me to do this dang thing. I'm having a ball!

  3. Girl, I have been on with Amazon for almost a year and have NEVER done a block. When I first got on, the warehouse was too far away but they recently opened one up near me. In my area it just seems like it would be a lot of driving. I might end up anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. They use to send me block offers but I haven't received one in a while…probably because I kept forfieting them…Lol. If we have Fresh that would be great, but I haven't seen or heard anything about that here. As far ad I know we only have packages and restaurants. Ok… the holidays are coming so maybe I'll give it a try! Lol!