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  1. So I clicked your link and downloaded the Mystro App entered in your referral code and did the email verification. The app downloaded, but when I open it up it just takes, me to my settings am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help

  2. This makes too much sense. Question, what's the lowest score that a rider will have for you to reject the request? I picked up riders with a low score of 4.35 fortunately they didn't give me any problems but I'm concerned as to how low is too low to accept ride requests? I also don't drive at night, I just don't feel comfortable

  3. Since the recent release they did I have not been able to log in and use the app. I have sent an email to support and reset my password a few times now all to still not be able to sign in. I even signed up with my wife's email and still cannot get in the app on her phone.

  4. Hey kiddo, Mystro is useless. After telling my neighbor about this he installed it. It has 3 preferences, time to pick up filter, ratings filter, and pool filter. He set the time to pick up for 6 minutes max, but continued to get 10-19 minute requests. He set the ratings filter for 4.75 and got requests from those rated much lower. He also set the pool toggle to grey, and pool requests kept coming in. He sent Mystro support a feedback message describing the problems, but got responses that they didn't understand what he was saying. He sent a very clear description back, but got a similar response. When he replied that he didn't know how else to explain the situation, he received a response "…We can't make everyone happy…" and "…feel free to uninstall the app… I'll also remove you from our mailing list." What a bunch of JERKS!

  5. So the first time I think I installed the app wrong. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it the correct way. My first trip request was through Uber and the GPS was completely out of whack. The rider cancelled the trip after seeing me drive like a crazy person (I'm guessing) I quickly closed out mystro and pulled Uber back up. it took a few minutes to calibrate to my position. at this point I'm kind of fearful of trying to use it. Is the mystro App working well for anyone?

  6. What about our except rate with this choosing.? Uber says they don't want cherry picking also. I'm sure uber will say it's a 3rd party and will be removed/suspended when they detect it. This app does sound very interesting though.

  7. The sign in suppose to be easy but is not
    And the Auto switch off when you accept a ride does not work
    Every time I got a uber ride the lyft does not go off and I got my acceptance down to 33%
    This app still have a lot glitches
    I understand this company may offer you some type of compensation to advertising them but is just another thing people will use against you
    Bottom line This app is not good at all
    Needs a lot work…
    But thanks for sharing

  8. Sounds like a great app. Question: will it require root access on Android? Root access is usually needed to control other apps in the way you describe. That said, it will severely limit the apps usefulness/popularity because of the technical aspects of rooting an Android device.

  9. Hey Uber man is there a way to re apply for Lyft if it has been some time? I applied with them about 3 years ago and got rejected. I didn't do anything wrong but I had a cracked windshield and told the mentor I was going to have it replaced very soon and he said ok and acted liked everything was cool.

  10. Hey Uber Man.
    my name is Jesse from Australia.
    i like your YouTube videos that you have on YouTube mate.

    Good work mate. Keep putting more Video's about Trade. Because I am not a big fan on Uber Company at all.

    Uber Company has come into Australia and The Gold Coast Cab's that is what i am know and we are not happy with Uber Company at all.

    Competition is good and it had to change the Taxi industry in Australia. So a lot of bad Taxis driver's that got fine from Taxis come to Uber Company because that come not do Taxis again.

    So you know i am not happy with Uber Company at all. So i have gone the opposite to Uber Company and come a Taxi driver.

  11. Thanks Randy, I got it set up and ran it this weekend, had a few glitches took some time to get used to it, you should do a how to use it Video or link to the ones that are in the app here , I've tried to log on through my PC to Mystro but didn't happen , there is no choice option… just asks for a referral code, anyways will keep using it this week and give a full report, bottom line AWESOME app , for those of you looking for a cheap android to use with this app and your a Verizon customer I got one for free and have had zero issues Galaxy tab , they got it for $20 but you can negotiate it for free I did!
    Again Randy Mystro is the way to go!! Thank you and Mystro cheers ….. GhostDriverSK – Virginia!

  12. Two nights driving with the app. Works well, a few glitches and/or observations which I already let them know about. But overall worked great. Switched back and forth between Lyft and Uber. Accepted the ride hands free with the parameters I set, switched off the other app and Once I finished the ride it automatically switched both apps back on.
    I also had a start up issue when I first installed the app and this is how I resolved it……..
    settings>apps>Mystro>permissions and toggled yes to phone/storage/location.

  13. Hey UB I did a lot of research before signing up, GREATLY APPRECIATE ur vids. You tell the good, bad and ugly. This is a growing and changing industry, interesting to watch. Been spreading the word about tride here in central fl. Going through vetting now. Many of my riders are not happy with Uber and want better choices. Tell all the trolls and nay'sayer to go pack sand. Deffinately need Mystro for my iphone. You keep up what ur doing, I'll keep watching.