New Lyft Amp Unboxing & Review

In this video, I review Lyft’s new Amp. The new amp is designed to help drivers and passengers find one another faster and is taking place of the mustache.

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  1. Brilliant move on Lyft's part – I got mine about a week ago and it's pretty cool.  It's actually very easy to set up.  I was concerned the magnet base would not stick very well to my dash but it actually bonded very well.  You get one chance to line it up perfectly or else I'm not sure how to reset it.  I will probably only place it out when I'm picking up riders.   If I'm alone in the car I will just set it off to the side.  I'm not a big fan of constantly advertising for someone else.

  2. Worked right out of the box. It's a gadget. Makes it fun and people like when it greets them as the ride gets started. Anyways i wish you would have given it more of a positive review since I been waiting for over 4 months for this thing to come to my door lol