New Uber Beacon Unboxing Video

Uber has a new light beacon to make it easier for passengers to find you! Have you received yours yet? Check out what the new Uber beacon looks like and what it looks like in the dark!

Can’t wait for a light up sign?
More info on the Uber beacon here –

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  1. Thanks for the update. out visit the link that you put down there. But when I went up top and click on notify me so I can be notified when it's in my area and I enter my phone number it will not accept it. Is it because of my area code? I drive Uber and everything. But when I entered my cell phone number to have them to notify me when it's available. It did not accept my phone number it is in red.

  2. Why would the light go on when your online (driving around) as opposed to only turning on when your waiting on a passenger & turning off when the trip starts? Wouldn't it be against the law to have that light on while your driving around?