New! Uber Implements Tips & More!!!!! ????

Whoa! New email just released from Rachel Holt, Head of US Operations, and Aaron Schildkrout, Head of Driver Experience !

1) New tipping feature to be implemented soon
2) Shorter 2 Minute Cancellations Windows
3) No More Unpaid Wait Times
4) All Destination Trips Count Toward Quest
5) Quest Earrnings Are Available For Instant Pay

Here’s a copy of the email!

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Please watch: “Tip Update For Uber App (Quick Walk-Thru)”



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  1. Hi !! I enjoy your videos ! I work for Lyft and I was wondering if you can make a video on how you deal with rude passengers ? I also drive in LA and have had passengers that act very entitling as if though I were their personal driver ( I know I technically am for the moment, lol) but they are very demanding and I was almost on the verge of kicking them out! Lol and also do you think it's rude asking someone not to eat in your car ? Thank you ! ❤

  2. This could be very good. It might also bring drivers back, " not so god"  lol. Just shows you what a good business team can do. Travis had the idea, but the board will make it work for everyone…hopefully.  Nice video.

  3. if they don't raise the base rate that they charge per mile for uberX and uberxl it really isn't worth it when to use up the mileage discount for the price of your vehicle you're really not getting what you set out for because the maintenance cost of brakes tires and buying gas and oil changes will eat up everything you can make with Uber there's too many drivers and not enough customers

  4. They called me to ask me what would help me have a best UBER experience and I told them tipping and to cut back on that % they take from us oh and there going to let you do delivery soon on a motorcycle and scooter too , so let's see . That express pay out sucks you won't get all your money just the base pay yep I know ???

  5. Heyyy Cec, I noticed the app change and then saw your video. What I'm immediately happy about is that the destination drives count towards the incentive quota's. Also it seems that if a passenger goes pass the allotted waiting time, they are charged accordingly, even if they then cancel, whichi s what happened tome at Disney Land. Keep up the great work!!!

  6. ever since I put my tipping sign up I been getting alot more tips $5 average. Now with Uber in app tipping let's see if people will still do the cash $5 average tip or more in app $1 or $3 tips. also I know this will attract new and old drivers to come back so more competition on the road so I don't know how that will play out but these changes are a good thing now we need more $ per mile and I'll be a happy camper.

  7. I hope so for the better because 95% of the riders don't tip at all what they need to do next ,is charge a one dollar surge charge for changing routes where. I stay now they rarely do any surge charge now.

  8. This is very suprising news, which was a long over due. Also heard the tip is also going to be added for Ubereats. Next change should be the Uberpool. They should charge for 2 different passengers that will increase our profits more. Right now Uberpool pay is deplorable when you pick up a 2nd passenger. This happened to me, passenger A 13 miles for $6, and passenger B 25 miles for $11(total 38 miles and $17 for both) That is deplorable money. Say they change Uberpool and I made between $24-$30 dollars. Then that would of worked out better.

  9. I joined an Uber Eats Facebook group (as you suggested) a little while back. I shared this video on the page , since no one was talking about it. Who knows, maybe you'll get some new subscribers!

  10. Thanks for sharing drive girl drive. About time Uber:) I hope our earnings as a drivers increases with these changes coming up, also I hope the CEO won't come back any time in the near future, I really hope that he will take 5 years off, because he will find a way to mess it up again on his return. Be safe driving out there and lets Uber now!

  11. I still think that Uber still has a long way to go. Getting rid of Kalanick was the first big step in a positive direction. Reporting a 10 figure quarter loss should be enough to get rid of any CEO. Remember the driver told Kalanick that he's not going to go far? Wow….

  12. They don't have a choice. According to what I saw on the news here. Uber has lost a lot of it's riders to Lyft. So the mess that's been going on in Uber has been Lyft's gain. I still think that the CEO is gone, but they're playing it as a, taking a break off. What I'd also like to see is them bring back the "Power Drive" incentives that were very good. The later one, they try to force you to drive during the weekend, in order to get the money here in the San Francisco area.

    Last. Uber could make good money if they focus on quality and not quantity.

  13. I think it would be dope if they came out with another platform in Uber like Uber1 or something like that where you as the driver knows its only going to be 1 passenger. They could add more drivers to the platform like this Like two seater cars I believe they should start charging an additional 3-$5 per passenger that gets in your car It's the same fair for 1 pax as it is for 3 additional ones If uber added this it would be more money for them and us
    It's just a thought