New Uber & Lyft Drivers – Where To Drive! – Drive Girl Drive

Simple and straightforward suggestions of where to drive without the fluff! If you have questions, please let me know!

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  1. Wassup girl, first of all thank you for all your videos! Very informative and motivating. I have a question for you though. I am moving to costa mesa soon and I am a dad trying to make it for my fam. 2 kids and my wife is going to pharmacy school in LA. I have a full time job at a hospital but I still need about 2-2.5k a month for all our needs. Is that possible to get with uber/lyft in that area? Hope you can reply as you are blowing up in youtube! Lol thanks girl and keep driving.

  2. Great video. In my last video I talked about times to go but to put it short I usually stay on the north side of Chicago or downtown around 4am on weekdays for airport rides and pretty much all day on weekends.

  3. You're an actor and a comedian? Congratulations! ? I wish you lots of success and happiness in your endeavors. Btw I do Uber in Myrtle Beach, SC and business there is BOOMING! ??? LOTS of tourists come there and the beach strip is always packed, especially in the spring and summer.

  4. good luck to you ? it's my second week with Uber and I haaaate it already ? I have to put a lot of hours to make some money it's in saine plus ppl r so cheap here in Charlotte ?? so iam going with left for example to day I drove 3 ppl for abt 25 mints and the fare was 3:70 I swollen my tongue ?? I didn't get that act from Uber ..I will try to email them and see what happens ?

  5. In Orange and Los Angeles county get up early, like 430am especially Monday morning and Thursday/Friday morning to get business ppl going or coming. In LA & OC, after AP drop off, drive around hotels in OC or in LA drive to Santa Monica, west side , marina del Rey. Even BH & Brentwood, business folk going to AP. Airport pick up at OC is easy. Park at the Carl's Jr. Two or 3 blocks away and U & L signal gets you good there. Till 10pm. If you see another plane land right after 10 hurry there because they want to get out of there fast, last flight of the day

  6. Grrrrr haha guest what Cec?
    I received my first ticket EVA EVA in my whollle life at LAX. It was last week and I was behind a car at the red light on the breezeway. No other cars were coming so everyone was blowing there horns and when he finally turned, I followed and stuttered at the light and proceeded. The sirens came on like magic =)
    Aaaaanyway I signed the ticket and picked up my passenger. Yesterday I received the ticket bail in the mail. I thought it was gonna be around maybe $200.00. OOWWEE it was $500.00 for a damn ticket!!! Now I have a question that I will ask them also. I already paid it cuz I was hhhhhhot and didn't feel like messing with it. Now I discovered I could have paid a little more and went to traffic class and it wouldn't be on my record. can I still get the class even though I already paid for the ticket.

  7. I like your suggestions. I alway seemed to do better taking people to the air ports. I never seemed to have a good time with the air ports but I have a website that I go to and see what time the incoming flights are arriving and then if I do go I can try to minimize my time waiting in the que. feel free to use the site it may help plan your day. And I like your glasses ?