Nexar Free Dashcam Program for Uber and Lyft Rideshare Drivers

UPDATE: New Pro Drivers Program & Dashcam Kit Requirements:

-Been driving professionally for more than 3 months
-Plan to drive for the next 3 months
-Drive at least 30 hours per week
San Francisco, Sacromento, South Bay. & East Bay Uber/Lyft Drivers (Bay Area Promotion) Apply Here:
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Nexar, the worlds first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Dashcam App is launching a Free Dashcam Pro Drivers Program for Uber, Lyft and rideshare drivers. If you are a professional driver ( UBER, LYFT, GETT ETC’), and drive more than 30 hours per week, you may qualify for a FREE iPhone device with Nexar’s smart AI app pre-installed. The Nexar Pro Drives Program is only available in select cities, but will be launching in more cities in the near future.
The Nexar app is pre-installed on an iPhone device loaded with a list of incredible features:
-Amazing Dashcam Features
-Records Inside & Out
-Warns of Hazards on the Road
-Detects & Records Accidents
-Voice & Finger Gesture Commands
-FREE & Unlimited Online Storage Space
-FREE Accident Reports
-And lots more!
UPDATE: New Pro Drivers Program & Dashcam Kit Requirements:

-Been driving professionally for more than 3 months
-Plan to drive for the next 3 months
-Drive at least 30 hours per week
San Francisco, Sacromento, South Bay. & East Bay Uber/Lyft Drivers (Bay Area Promotion)


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Comment (10)

  1. Have you guys heard of fucking Uber suing the city of Seattle so the city can stop Uber drivers from joining the teamsters union?? Is not a surprise they are trying everything they can to prevent drivers to be union…so many reasons why…driver will have better wages…a real "flexibility" of choosing who to give a ride or not without getting penalized by Uber. .a more fair rating…the protection of not been deactivated for no reason..and I am sure many more favorable points for drivers…Uber is afraid of union because they know they will loose power..
    Uber is threatening drivers if they join a union, they will leave the city!!!
    Drivers, open your eyes, joining a union should be the right of every driver and , I think, it will be the greatest thing drivers can do NATIONWIDE, not only in Seattle..
    If drivers dobt have any kind of protection, Uber will always have a foot on you guys neck and won't be able to do shit about all the crappie shit that Uber does. .

  2. Yo genius (classy and professional comeback btw), how about mentioning the fact that there's 2 different versions (if that's even true which I doubt) of the app, rider and driver, somewhere in that epic video of yours? The fact that the kit comes with a car mount and old model iPhone should be enough of a selling point without making up some BS about the app itself being offered exclusively to full-time drivers. 
    I watched your demo, and that is spot-on the exact same app that I got free in the App Store. "Rider app" – why would a rider want/need a dash cam? What could they capture from the backseat? The free app in the App Store is obviously meant for drivers, not riders. maybe you meant non-pro drivers when you said riders. But if that's the case, how come the free "rider" app has a built-in link to the uber partner app, and not the regular uber app that riders have?  
    While I'm not apologizing to you personally, I do realize I was a little unfair to the app developers, since there's NO iPhone app in the world that will keep your camera recording in the background while you have your Uber or Lyft app running on screen, or God forbid a navigation app you can use with your eyes and not have to rely on voice commands, without jailbreaking your iPhone first. That was my oversight.  
    In retrospect the app itself isn't all that bad considering the iPhone's idiotic firmware restrictions. I'm not jailbreaking my iPhone 6 for one stupid app to work. Its just a travesty that it can't keep recording when I switch over to Lyft or Uber or Waze. If Android phones let you do that, I'm switching, pronto. And if they don't, I'm just going to get an actual dedicated dash cam.  I know some of you drivers know your city well enough never to need to consult a nav app, but with constant construction related road closures in my city, I can't get over having to choose between recording video and keeping Waze open.
    I thought this app would be a good way to save some money, but not being able to record video and view my route onscreen simultaneously is a deal breaker. Also, PAX like being able to see the route I have planned so they can tell me alternate routes if they want. I'm sure they would really be uncomfortable seeing a recording video camera instead, even if I tell them it's not recording inside, just outside. I work in a dual consent state, and don't want to have to inform every pax they are being recorded. That's just bad for business. At least with a dedicated dash cam I don't have to have the video playing for everyone to see.
    Take the app for what it's worth, and don't believe there are two versions of it, that's a crock. Because of firmware limitations, no iPhone app, whether you get it from the App Store or whether it was built into this Nexar's stock of old iPhones, will change the fact that it stops recording as soon as you bring up another app. if you never, ever need to look at your navigation app, then I guess it's a good app for you.

  3. DON'T GET THIS SHITTY ASS APP!!!!!! It ONLY records when its ONSCREEN! The instant you open up your Uber or Lyft app, IT STOPS RECORDING!!! I even asked the support people and they confirmed it, they suggested I keep their app open onscreen and just go by the voice prompts for directions. SERIOUSLY?? This idiot talking above me is obviously a shill for the company.

  4. its basically an app, whats so revolutionary about this?? It's copying what the koreans have already done with blackvue and thinkware. You're better off just buying from them since they have even more features and better than this.