No Uber Prank – Learn Platform Request to Drive In Dual or Solo Mode For UberX, Uber XL, Uber Select

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For Uber drivers who qualify to drive under a dual or solo mode platform, this video explains and shows the benefit of such.

I explain how every Uber driver should think about each platform. Once you understand the passengers who hail rides for each one of these platforms the more money you will make.

I drive a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder and a 2016 Nissan Sentra. I’m able to drive in X-Mode, X/XL Mode or XL Only Mode depending which car I choose to work in that day.

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  1. Does your brother drive in Atlanta as well? I've been driving just under two weeks. My first week I did 51 rides and made 528.28. I'm super excited about the opportunity. My question is how good is the select market here in Atlanta? I'm mostly driving in the city. Currently I'm on x and xl. But have thought about select. I just don't know how good that market is here.

  2. They won't allow you to opt out of uberPool, they said its part of uberX and the contract we signed says we cannot opt out. They told me you can ignore pool requests byt that it would eventually get you banned for breach of contract…

  3. I emailed Uber for my area Raleigh NC. I found out some interesting information.

    1. They initially put my Nissan Pathfinder only on X.
    2. When I requested to be setup on XL they did.
    3. I still only got requests for X.
    4. Upon further email correspondence with Uber support they gave me a tidy response about their NEW POLICY to say they were done talking with me.

    Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7:26:50 AM · uberX

    Hi, allow us to explain why you're also getting uberX requests.

    uberX is the most popular option for rider requests and demand is growing rapidly for it. We've looked into partner earnings and have found that partners make more money when they are busiest the majority of the time they are online. You don't earn fares if you're sitting around waiting for requests. By also receiving uberX requests, you can drive more and make more. Please note that there is no opt-out option.

    I understand that you would like to know if you could filter out XL only calls at times. Please be advised that in the light of the new policy, having an "uberXL only" option is currently removed in your city since demands on this kind of category fluctuates regularly.

    Please understand that we do this to lessen the downtime that you may have when you are in the "uberXL only" mode. Please bear with us with the new policies, Wayne.

    We appreciate your professionalism. Should you have further questions or concerns, please submit your request by tapping “Help” in the Uber app. You may also visit our Help Page where you can find more information which you can access anytime. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the day.

  4. This options on dual modes only work in certain city's and states, I have been trying to be set up for an UberX/UberSelect only profile and they keep telling me it's not available in my city, so this doesn't apply to all, I think this needs to be cleared out.

  5. Hey Calvin, how do you decide which vehicle to take out? Like I would always take the Pathfinder since you can drive X/XL that way you aren't missing anything. In your case the only way I would take the Sentra is if the wife had my Pathfinder. Can you clear this one up?

  6. This is really valuable information my brother and i am totally grateful to you for your generosity. I know with absolute certainty that God is blessing you abundantly for sharing all this "uber" information 🙂 May you be continually blessed with every one of your hearts' desires. Thank You! btw where can I send my email address to you so that I can get those audio recordings you talked about on your 'get more money' video. God Bless You!

  7. I guess Atlanta has more high rollers than Las Vegas. I drive UBER SELECT here and last week I got 2 rides in 6 hours online with ZERO tips. Biggest tip I ever got on SELECT was $20, and that happened once all last year. BTW I am a pro driver wearing a limo drivers outfit with 22 yrs experience here in LV. Thank God for LYFT or I would have gone broke!

  8. Help! If I've got a car that qualifies for X, XL/Plus, and it's a luxury car, would i qualify for all three: X, XL, and Uber Luxury? If I'm in that car and have it set up with support, will I be pinged for all three without switching modes? And would the Luxury platform be useful at all, because of the lower demand? I'm in the San Francisco market.

  9. My 2n day they automatically put me Xl I drive a new Lexus es350 n made like 70 in tips only driving in the suburbs of Houston but ppl luv me n luv the ride..I didn't even know what that was xl but I made a lots of airport runs n Rocket game Runs was fun …Ppl wanted me to come back n leaving money in my car it was crazy I look forward to Nyrs n the super bowel…

  10. As of 11/2, Uber Rider app masks the whole area, let alone zooming in and zooming out in city regions gone! No longer can I successfully max my income! Why? Should we not be aware and a better understanding of how many drivers are online let alone in the area? Why should I burn gas, going in circles to find out an hour and 30 minutes went by on a Friday night w a guarantee pay to find out i completed 2 trips with one being 7 people in it. Please explain! I'm blind now.

  11. I'm about to sell my old vehicle (1998 so too old for Uber) and buy a used 2010+ vehicle for both personal transportation and Uber Driving. I've been doing a lot of research and was Set on a KIA Forte but now I"m not sure.

    Would I be better off getting a Minivan or SUV with 6 seats like the Pathfinder so I can do XL also? Seems like there's less competition there and like you said more room for tips.

    Do you have any advice for what vehicle is best for someone who plans on doing 40-60 hours a week? (weekdays 5 to 1am and weekends 10-12 hours/day)

  12. Thanks for your advice and continued insight very informative straight to the point Uber should Pay $$$ You Directly for the advice that you put forth in your Videos. I to Use Two Vehicles Acura TL / Acura MDX And They Upgraded My Ability Two Switch As Of Yesterday After I Watched Your Video Uberx/UberXL/XL ONLY Thanks My Brother
    @Fastlife332 correspond directly through the Uber Driver App I get the quickest responses and results that way versus sending an email. Be careful how you word what you would have them to do as well Uber On! And Be Safe!

  13. I believe Andy P just got himself torn a new one ,did it hurt Andy,i know it did, we will take up a donation and get you a jar of salve to put on that new hole Simple driver just tore into you.i I'll refree.