One Year of Driving for Uber/Lyft Review

I have been driving for Lyft and Uber for just over a year now and wanted to share my thoughts on the two rideshare companies.

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  1. Great video, but honestly think about the driver less car, really, in this day and age, with all the traffic it will never work, you can not put a driver less car in traffic with drivers that are unpredictable. The cars would have to be on some kind of rail or something which will not happen in this century. Just my opinion

  2. You moved to LA to be an actor and you are driving people around? Advice: dont move to Hollywood to act unless you have 75,000 saved up at least and a great manager lined up! Dont forget the talent?

  3. Yeah right, self driving cars… One of them just smashed into a semi-truck trailer because it couldn't differentiate the trailer's side and the sky. Those things have already killed people. I wouldn't be worrying about that if I were you.

  4. lyft sucks for drivers. they send you on long drives to pick up folks and then get down on you for canceling or not accepting. its a good app software wise but their long drives are wasting money for us drivers. at least uber gives it to the closest driver. both are great for riders as they charge much less than what its worth. its only for part timers or guys in really busy cities

  5. Yesterday, Christmas day, I was online for 1hr 48min and made $15.58 for 4 trips (NO TIPS from anyone). Assuming about $8 worth of gas, and 15% income taxes, that's about $3.58 per hour…. after doing Uber for about 3 months, that's what some days are like. Normally I have only been driving in areas where boost is in effect (so not every day), otherwise it's just not worth it here in OC California. I drove on xmas thinking I would get at least a few dollars of tips from people… but all I got was 5-star ratings… oh well!

  6. I was just curious how taxes went. as a w2 stiff,I usually clear about a months wages come tax time. is it the same with uber/lyft. I currently drive part time and have kept ALL gas,toll,car wash,oil change receipts. currently between 20 and 50 an HR. minus gas of course. I don't sweat gas like everyone else. I drive a v8 that costs about 60 to fill,and I'm entirely complacent with that. I'm I rich? of course not. I drive for lyft,and I'm commenting on YouTube. (hint) that 60bux is merely the cost of doing business. or,what I call the cost of being an american. I'd be paying 60 a tank anyway,with lyft I can write off some of that gas,and do my errands on what left after a day of driving. "it's not only about what you make,but what you can write off". remember that line.

  7. I don't think you have to worry about self driving cars for Uber. The tech is here already, but the cost would far out way the benefit Uber would get. By the time self driving cars would be not only legislatively acceptable but socially acceptable and cost efficient for companies like Uber and Lyft, the year would be 2035. Take this from a Computer Scientist.