Only ONE Company has Applied To REPLACE Uber & Lyft

What happened to all of the other companies that were speaking so loudly!?


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  1. A company should exist that allows passengers to choose the car that the picks them up.

    You want a Tesla or Mercedes? Ok. Small premium and a little longer wait, but you can have it. I’ve had many passengers tell me they’d pay more to get my car to pick them up instead of getting assigned a 2007 Toyota that smells like cigarettes.

    Uber shouldn’t be treated like a community. Treat it like an experience

  2. Minneapolis needs to waive the fees associated with establishing a TNC if they want other alternatives to join the market. Uber and Lyft aren't just a duopoly because they have the market share, they're a duopoly because the expense of starting a ridesharing app company is enormous and the risk is immense. And a large portion of that is the tens of thousands of dollars companies need to get approved. This is also why existing competitors are in so few markets and have to expand so slowly. Startup costs for a new business are already so high, and yet city governments around the country have just allowed Uber and Lyft to become more and more embedded – often at the expense of local businesses, particularly taxi companies – by making it oppressively expensive to even try competing.

    By the way, just because Empower didn't apply doesn't mean they won't join the market anyway. Empower doesn't want to be classified as a TNC, just as an app for private drivers to operate their own individual rideshare businesses. Personally, I like that, though they haven't been really approaching it correctly. They went into Washington DC even though they weren't approved. What they need to do is establish a verification process for ensuring every registered driver has commercial insurance and a license to operate a private commercial vehicle. If they did that, I doubt city governments would be so eager to pressure them as if they were a TNC, as it is they are recklessly pushing into these markets without that verification and it makes them look pretty bad.