Ordering From DoorDash – Why All Drivers Should Try It! ???

Let’s use a free credit to order from DoorDash. We’ll see what the customer experience is like and then apply that to working as a driver so we can earn more and work efficiently!
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Comment (18)

  1. This new payment structure is a total rip off and has to be illegal I just worked 1 5 hours this evening, all I got were huge orders but made just $33. 56, before this new payment structure I would have made like $100 I feel like doordash just robbed me at gunpoint, what do you advise?

  2. Great vid as always RG…it seems like the majority of trips now pay $8-$9 per delivery, no matter the total order amount or distance. Definitely like the simpler, more lucrative model better. Thanks for sharing

  3. The new doordash pay model sucks ass. They are basically ripping off drivers now so they don't have to pay us $5 anymore for delivery fee and now letting the tip cover that. Total rip off. $50 orders which were normal you could get $15 for ($5 delivery fee and $10 tip). You now get $7 for. So the tip is no longer based on the order value like it was before which sucks ass.

  4. I think Door Dash is going down hill quickly. They will be rolling out a new payout system in the next couple months. I've heard nothing but bad things about it. There is a common belief now that Door Dash is taking the tips away from Dashers. It sounds like CA is still on the old pay system. You should do a video covering this if you get switched over.

  5. The new doordash payment system just went live in LA. We can't see the order totals anymore…and the tips are A LOT lower than before…What should we do Rideshare Genius?, we need ya in these dire times.

  6. For doordash In OC I'm pretty positive the customer CAN track the driver. I've received email saying they made that update a couple months ago and several times as soon as I pull up, here comes the customer out the front door. But Doordash likes to roll those sort of changes out slowly and only to certain areas.
    Great video! Now I know what it looks like on the customer end.

  7. Uber, Lyft, Postmates gives customers a real-time tracking map & icon of driver moving on the map. Lol do not be surprise if it comes to Doordash in the future cause it probably will.

  8. I trued signing up with DoorDash and even went to the meeting. When he app got setup it had some type of errors I contacted them and after tons of emails still wasnt able to get it fixed.