Over $5,000 A Month With Uber Referrals – 6 Things You Should Know

How To Make An Uber Website

How To Make An Uber Website

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Owning a successful Uber business has to include Uber Referrals. Partners have to understand that trading time for money is going to limit you in your income.

If your desire is to make $5000 to $20,000 a month as an Uber driver you have to have a way to maximize your referral code exposure. You must also take FULL advantage of the 6 ways of getting paid as a Rideshare driver. (Video Here) https://youtu.be/hPh8nSHMo5M

Uber income is all about numbers and the best way to increase those numbers is to have an Uber website.

Uber Website Tutorial

How To Make An Uber Website


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  1. Hey Kelvin, How do actually collect the finders fee for BtoB and BtoC referrals. I understand the mecahnism for the Uber $100 bonus through the website. But the kick backs from Night Clubs etc I dont know how to collect it. Thanks Jeff

  2. Oh man…. Why in the world are you still using that crappy go bank? Just use instant pay to your regular bank. Those go bank cards are now obsolete ever since uber allowed push to debit transfers to any place you bank with. I just transfer to my normal checking acct

  3. Simple driver, what are your thoughts on the Uber gas card? Saving 1.5% on gas with this card doesn't seem like a whole lot. And also, how do you feel about making money with Uber Eats? Btw I love your videos and you are correct about treating this like a business!

  4. hey I've been watching your videos, and I'm an active Uber partner, however it hasn't been a great trip thus far. I went through Xchange Leasing program to get my car, received my vehicle on the 28 of Feb and had to return the vehicle the next day. I didn't know what was wrong with the vehicle and when I took it back to the dealership I received it from and got a diagnostic on the vehicle they said that something hit it so bad that the radiator hose busted and some damage was done underneath the vehicle. now mind you I hadn't had the vehicle in my possession less than 24 hours and I've been going through the ringer since then. I'm definitely ready to make money and lots of it. I need help with this situation because it seems that Uber themselves haven't got back in contact with me and I have to come out of 500 dollars out of pocket that I don't have for the deductible through my insurance. what should I do????

  5. Hi Calvin, I appreciate this video. I also appreciate how you choose to teach instead of telling, and I really appreciate your transparency about establishing your Uber business and wanting to help others. I have been driving for about a year, not for Uber, but for ViA, in New York City. I am about to start my own Channel and blog documenting my experiences a lady black car driver and I have already learned so much watching this video. Keep up the amazing work. Thanks so much! Cheers!! 🙂

  6. I've been an Uber driver for over 2 years now, part time, but full time student.
    I was wondering do you get all your referrals through all your rides or do you use other websites to bring in referrals for that cash flow money sir?

    Currently in the process of getting a professional business card and website thanks to you man!

  7. Hi Calvin!! Man I really appreciate your videos and the time you put in. Your videos are not long and extrme, and that's because the knowledge you have is so rich and you are an inspiration. I received money from a referral and was the most exciting thing. I would love to receive more of that, but don't have access to a computer, is there any way you can help?

  8. Hi Calvin, as usual, great info… Though I think the reason you are able to pull this kind of income is because of the training videos you provide, the exposure it provides for you and the 27k subscribers that support tou and come to see your videos we site because of them… Maybe if I create a website and can direct the amount of traffic you get, I might be able to come near your numbers. Do you think this can be pulled off by regular people?

  9. I am using this as a side gig sort of thing and though my time I felt like I did ok earning a bit of money and I am happy with the results of how I've done. I'm actually in the process of making business cards and a website to help promote what I do. It admazes me how people complain about how they don't make enough when the man here is giving away nuggets of gold

  10. You are so motivating, my family just moved to Atlanta and I will be looking to supplement my income with Uber. I will be purchasing domain space this week after finish my research and prep. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. if you are not an Uber driver and are making money being an Uber referer then good for you, however those same people you are referring are getting shafted by you. why? because the more drivers Uber has, the more supply they have and the less demand per driver. Les demand per drivers = lower wages per driver.

  12. quick question that may seem obvious but people have different takes on because they just get thrown away anyway, do you invest in "The Simple Driver" business cards?
    thanks man i watch and rewatch your vids everyday. From another Photographer brother in Ohio ✊

  13. Great information thank you for sharing! I am just curious why do you only drive for Uber? why not sign up for Lyft? also the other delivery companies like Postmates, DoorDash and GrubHub? those companies also offer referral bonuses. I need to start a website and a YouTube channel. I am learning and looking for the tools to make it happen. Thanks again for sharing all your videos are well prepared and informative.