Overheard An Embarrassing Conversation – UBER STORYTIME

As drivers we overhear a lot of personal conversations, some you can tune out and others you can’t resist. Today’s storytime is about a beautiful woman ignorant of her worth.

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Comment (34)

  1. GIRRRL you are brave! I think I might have lied through my teeth if a total stranger & customer asked me that. I'm too blunt and word clumsy but you answered it perfectly. You're right, this LA dating pool ain't no joke and men are definitely winning it.

  2. You get some great passengers. I had one last night who chatted about her birthday being on a weekday and the party would not be as good. As she got out of my car, I handed her an early birthday gift of a Starbucks card. She was so surprised and grateful. As she walked away, I herd her tell her friend that just made her evening. 🙂

  3. A while back a Lady my age who was as you say put together well. I picked her up she started to tell me about her trainer and her were hitting it off and went to Las Vegas her trainer. And she was upset. Then she asked me how she smelled. I told he that I Couldn't smell anything she said she had the same problem her daughter had sent me to pick her up.And she has never ridden on a uber before. Problem number one she asked to be dropped off not where he daughter wanted. Left her at a bar she told me that she needed to be able to call me. and would not trust another driver. And she would call in a. The call came she asked me to pick her up by the corner she was hiding in a cul-de-sac. hour. When I picked her up. She said three guys were wanting to gang rape her. Several things she said on the way to her house went over my head. While sitting in her Driveway She told me that I probably would never want to come back to her place.I told her there was nothing wrong. She got out of the car and told me several times, "I needed to take care of my women". I just agreed so she proceeded to walk to her door and was having a problem ( I Think) with the lock. So I put my brights on. As I was thinking she may try something to get me into the house. I sure thought I was getting hit on. Haven't seen her since.

  4. lollll, oh man. the only story i have is someone fell asleep n my car and snored all the way to the distanation . It was sooooooo irritating and soooooooooooo loud. i wanted to scream or just slam on my brakes, lmao.

  5. I picked up a young girl in East Los, she was talking to her friend/hook up, he started telling her that he got an STD and wanted to know if she gave it to him. Poor girls was freaking out saying that she was clean but now she needed to go get checked. There was a silence for awhile and I was feeling bad for this girl, she was doing math trying to figure out when was the last time he hooked up with him. Lol. At the beginning of the conversation I was disgusted but I ended up just feeling bad for this girl. Who the f*** talks about this crap when you riding Uber anyway???! #Traumatized lol.

  6. My best friend goes from one bad guy to another.  She gives way more than she receives.  There re guys out there who would treat her like a queen and actually return her affection.  It's sad how some people just don't value themselves to see when they are not being appreciated.

  7. So I'm driving for Lyft and my ratings are super low. Just signed up for DoorDash and Postmates under you. Gonna try all 3. These customers are something else. Super nice then give you a low rating

  8. LOL. Great story. Here's one.

    Last year Christmas week I pick up this couple from Stanford, CT and took them to Lower Manhattan. They was coming from an office party. The girlfriend was piss at her boyfriend because during the party he got drunk and smack this women booty at the party. He was apologizing up and down. Then she reminded him of the time when he found Zac Efron number on her phone. Then she said to him "that's right I did Zac, yeah I did him". He then said " I don't want to hear about Zac Efron name again". Then she got in his face and said "ZAC EFRON, ZAC EFRON, ZAC EFRON". She did this for 10 whole minutes.

    That was the longest 50 minute drive I ever took and trying not to laugh. When we got down to lower Manhattan she jumps out the car when we was at a red light and said to him "You will never get this again".

  9. Yes this lady was date same guy 8 years and ask them was married and she started crying saying he doesn't want to get married and many of a years yeah that really happened to bag my car for the whole 45 minutes ride ???

  10. I hope it doesn't come across as too pervy but I have become an instant fan upon watching the first video of you. You have a very natural way of articulating your ideas. Your look is natural, captivating and, I probably should stop there. Those people out there in entertainment land need to contact you and put you to work that industry. You still can drive, though, until you blow up.

  11. Yikes! Your 62 year old fan is cringing at the fact that you consider a woman in her mid 40's an "older" woman!!! I remember being in my mid 40s like it was yesterday, but I totally understand. I remember when 30 was old!! I am young enough to remember that Woodstock happened when I was like, 12? Aren't you closer to your mid 40a than I am? Anyway, dear Cecily, I love your vids and yeah, that woman was going through something bad. I would have told her how much I thought she had going on before I delivered the awful truth about how she should aim higher. But I am sure your response was perfect for the situation. !!!

  12. I guarantee you this guy has top game. When the guy has game, and knows how to get a women attracted to him, nothing matters. Women will do things that don't make any sense. Although, if the man can't get the woman attracted to him, nothing matters either. He could have the world and be the most attractive guy, but she won't care if there is no attraction. After all, attraction is not a choice.

  13. There are a plethora of these women. It's quite sad. It sucks when I hear these convos when I am driving because I want to just take them out on a proper date and show them we are not all like that.

    I had a girl once who ubered all the way to Hollywood (where he lived) from near Gardena to go on a date with him. She was on the fence and I was like, why didn't you ask him to meet you downtown?

    Anyhoo, she said, it's ok, I'm sorta seeing someone else anyway so…

    Whaaaat? ??