Picking up at New Braves Stadium ATL

Braves Stadium run down. For UBER and LYFT

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  1. crazy cause I JUST came from picking up this Monday night. They didn't show a surge on the map but you know DAMN well it was surging. They had a guarantee of every ride at 1.8x so it made it SEMI worth it but not compared to these past weekend. Terry I'm talking $50 an hour trip after trip after trip. I made a weeks worth (my goal) in 1 night lol. DO NOT mess with Windy Ridge that line is NOT worth it. I post up on the side streets call them and tell them to walk, meet me at one of the stores on the corner etc. that line is NOT worth it unless it's a 3.0x+ surge. Post up at the KFC, Walgreens. or even the Heroidin so much better lol