Postmates delivery stop stacking and start making more money. Best advice on wait time and how to

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Explanation of how wait time and job stacking should be done to maximize earning potential. Best advice on making money with Postmates. Uber lyft Delivery Dudes doordash caviar

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  1. Ok so basically I just need to to start pickup when I accept the delivery, don't scan the receipt until the food is ready and I'm about to leave the pickup? I just started with PM and I try to get In two or three deliveries after my regular job each day

  2. I have a feeling a lot of my wait time is barely paid for in the amount that it should be. And I don't click start drop off until I am ready to drive to the drop off. I know you said the GPS knows when you get there but I question that too Especially on the grocery stores pick ups because there's been times where it's taken me 30 to 45 minutes to get everything on their shopping list and then to drive to their drop off I get less than $10 just doesn't add up. I've even asked post mates about some of those deliveries and never Have I received a reply.

  3. say that again ? So basically What I should do is when I arrive then at restaurant scan the receipt and when order ready and i get into the car start delivery ? Today was first day with Postmates and Couple of my orders where coming in before I finished my first order ..So its confusing what you saying

  4. what you can do is that once you accept the order and to count the mille you are traveling is to not hit start drop off and since the address of the customer is there just type the address manually and deliver it then press start drop off after 20 minutes after you have delivered the food so you can make more money

  5. I'm a little confused here. Are you working Post Mates at the same time your working Papa John's? I mean, I would think it rather odd if I ordered a Dominos Pizza and then when my pizza is delivered, it is delivered by someone wearing a Papa John's uniform who also works for PostMates!??? Great video my friend! New subscriber here! Best Regards!