Prime Day! Best advice on how to deliver to apartments with amaxon flex prime now multiple stops

Common Sense advice on how to deliver packages efficiently for Amazon Flex. Most drivers hate delivering to Apartments because it is the most frustrating part of delivering with Amazon. It is very time consuming and frustrating and disheartening but it can be made easy with this simple advice. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Hey… very good advice & tips..from my experience the leasing offices are often unattended or closed (8 out of 10 times), many times there is no signage out front showing the building orientation if it does it usually does not show the apartment numbers within each building especially when there are 20 or 30 buildings in the complex. In addition, most customers do not provide the Bldg. # they number they only provide the apartment number. They should add the Bldg. # to their address, i.e. Apartment # 2065 Bldg. 24.

    I am working on a written Guide to deliver to Apartments, Condos, strip shopping Centers. Etc. that includes several of your points and much more tips & Tricks. I enjoy your videos & understand your desire to help other drivers & would appreciate your comments on the "draft" ,,,, send me your email address to (

    Should have it completed by the end of next week.