Reaction Video: Uber CEO Travis Kalanic vs Driver & My Thoughts

Actions starts at 4:11.

Hey guys! Check out my reaction video to Uber CEO Caught On Video Arguing With Driver, Fawzie Kamel. I also address Susan Fowler’s resignation from Uber, and my thoughts on tech culture.

Bloomberg article & VIDEO here:

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  1. If UBER had kept the per mile rate high enough for drivers to make a good living, the drivers would be happy and the customers would pay a fare rate for good service. By cutting the rates so low, the drivers are struggling, and that puts more drivers on the road all the time. If UBER has such a large percentage of the ride share business (87% I've heard), why are they in a price war with LYFT. UBER should be ignoring LYFT, and keeping their drivers and customers happy. Once the other rideshare companies catch up to UBER, they will be finished because lowering their rates any further will only make conditions worse.

  2. The CEO does not care because he knows he will always have employees so you did not care about the driver.

    My advice would to find a second job delivery Pizza or something else.I would not depend uber.

  3. I was waiting on this video. As you know, I am a former UberX driver. I drove for them for a few years, when they were fairly new and paid decent wages in Atlanta. I stopped driving a long time ago, because of the low fares unfair treatment of drivers and the unethical, shady business practices etc. I don't support Uber at all. In fact, I think Uber is a really disgusting company. I don't have the app and I permanently closed my Uber account. Considering all that we know about this company, and considering all of the bad press (sexual harassment, deceptive ads pertaining to earnings potential, etc) and countless number of lawsuits, Kalanick did just what I thought he would – he completely avoided taking responsibility for any part in how his decisions have negatively impacted the drivers. But on the other hand, the driver cannot solely blame Uber for his poor financial state. We all have choices. I completely understand wanting to hang in there to see if it gets better, but when a company continues to show you that they don't care about you, why continue to drive for them.

    If you want to get Uber's attention, try a nationwide driver strike for a few months. Starting with one weekend a month from Fri – Mon. Don't turn on your app to drive for them. I say one weekend a month initially so that the drivers who use this as full time employment. won't go broke. Hit Uber in their pockets. Maybe then they will get it when their passengers use the app to request a ride and there aren't any drivers available.

    Below is a link to the interview with the driver explaining why he confronted Kalanick.

    Tangent: I just saw that here in Georgia, they are tying to pass a bill that makes both Uber and Lyft riders pay a sales tax of 4 % on each ride. Of course there is push back from Uber.

    "It's a great business model, but they (Uber/Lyft) still need to play by the same rules that everybody else uses," explained Rep. Jay Powell, R – Camilla. It will be interesting to see how this plays out

  4. This company will not stay in can't start a business in debt it's not sustainable.. Yes ppl are throwing money at it but you have to grow your base.. Making ppl made and cheating them will never work

  5. So true, but us drivers have gotten the short end of the stick for awhile, because all of this I've been driving more for Lyft, starting delivery service such as Postmates and Door Dash, and getting other things.

  6. I see both sides point of view.
    Yes! Uber drivers who complain are annoying. If you dont like it. Quit. No one is forcing you to be a driver. But at the same time Uber does take advantage of drivers and constantly treats drivers like crap.

  7. That driver will be okay. Let word gets out that he was cut from the Uber platform after releasing this video. Travis will never get an Uber ride again. Drivers will just cancel when pulling up and seeing his face.

  8. Thanks for information but the bottom line is uber has fuck up the plat forms when you think of getting a uber your thoughts are cheap next to free now some of the people they invested all that money in a black or xl some of those people are driving that car on the x platform what a joke I feel watching your blogs you seem to think there is is still hope on making money with uber I think those days are long gone and getting worse everyday

  9. Travis doesn't understand- that he has 4 customers to make happy… in no particular order. #1 investors #2 actual uber employees #3 riders #4 drivers because without us drivers… there is no UBER! I made a Dear Travis video- since he is now listening to us… hopefully!

    Uber is going to end up just like Circuit City and their CEO stated that the reason they closed was because they forgot the customer in "customer service"… if he doesn't take heed quick- uber will become the next circuit city.

    I myself have been driver more lyft over the last few months and doing more "other" things- and just got the go ahead email from amazon, so I can see what that is all about.