Regarding Blitz pricing with Postmates WTF? Frustration and confusion due to bad programming

In this video I am venting just a little bit due to frustration with Postmates Blitz pricing. I choose not to do apps that are super difficult to make money with and unfortunately in my area Postmates is one of them. I really wish I could make more money with this app because it is fun but it is just too confusing and frustrating and the blitz pricing is the icing on the cake. They need to fix this so that drivers can have a little bit of stability and make it worth their while for logging in and getting on the road during Blitz pricing

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  1. I hope you can reply back to see if this had happened to you, I work in LA and today is actually a rainy day blitz Price has been double for the last three hours and I just did my first delivery an hour ago was a 14 mile delivery, I was excited to get a good pay for it but when I completed it I only got 13bucks I was like wtf, and this is not the first time

  2. I totally agree, Blitz pricing is a joke in my market, I thought i was the only one that experienced the two second to one minute blitz pricing flash…Postmates is ridiculous when it comes to blitz pricing, I never made any real money to survive on postmates paying the minimum wage pay and yes its on at midnight all night to 7 am in my market, I once worked a 5am to 7am shift on blitz pricing and there wasn't one order that came in,The orders started to come in at 7am when blitz pricing was off…Go, I gave up on postmates a long time ago.

  3. Well, they do so in order to get more riders to log on. It basically tricks people to log on by making them think that they're gonna earn more, they may get one or two orders under blitz pricing before it automatically disappears. However, most likely the un-experienced drivers may keep completing orders thinking that blitz is still on. The best time to log on to Postmates is during the weekend(Fri,Sat,Sun) after midnight, that's when blitz pricing stays on for several hours and you actually do get a lot of requests during this time. At least that's how it is here in California.

  4. As an Uber and Lyft driver too I actually think the blitz pricing on Postmates is "superior" to the one on those apps. For only one reason. It covers the whole coverage area. However it definitely would be nice/necessary to have it "locked" in so we know we actually are on the blitz price and not guessing. Definitely frustrating in that respect. I think more couriers have to write to show us a "blitz on" icon. Interesting because I only do Postmates here and no ridesharing right now. Less restrictions. Bigger tips. Higher minimum payouts.

  5. I agree with your frustration although I haven't used it much because parking is hard in L.A. and I'm not trying to pay for parking or get a ticket by picking up an order that will pay me $4 lol….. but it's good to have and yes I've seen it do just that same thing with Lyft the moment you go online or get near that primetime zone it's gone lol