Response: Why is Uber a Scam- SciQ
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Rubber floor mats
Throw up
Car Seat Back Organizer
Peppermints (Sweets)
Rubber Gloves
Smart Phone Mount Holder
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My Top Tips:
– Give your passengers a WOW Lyft experience. Keep your car clean, inside and out. Have various candy stocked in your car, people love sugar. Have a conversation about them, people love to talk about themselves. Lighten up and be happy, folks don’t like a Debby downer. Do what you have to do to get those good customer ratings.

-Open the Lyft app and drive on weekends at nights because this is when people are mostly out and about. Lyft emails all of the Lyft drivers in the area about events that are happening. Lyft also gives a list of places that you should be at certain times of the day to help you get your lyfts up.

-Learn about how to use the heat maps, some people say stay away from them. I think it really depends on the city you’re in. I’m in Philly, so when there is a heat map I go to it and always get rides. I don’t camp out in the heat maps but if I’m close I’m trying to get in the heat and get paid extra. Bottom line, hot spots can get you paid

-Get business cards from with your referral code on it. As a driver you’ll get a referral code, give out to everybody. Give it to all you’re family and friends and also spread it on social media. The more you spread it the more you’ll get paid because each time someone signs up for Lyft using your referral code. They will receive a free ride up to $20 and you will receive a $10 signup bonus, can’t be that with a bat.

-Lyft is great but sometimes it can be slow at times. I would suggest to sign up for a second ride sharing service as a back up. When Lyft gets slow you can turn on the other ride sharing company and fill in the blanks. You can even turn both apps on at the same time and go with whichever one hits first. Lyft has guarantee hours where they pay you a set rate, during this time don’t use both apps, just stay with Lyft during these times.

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  1. Today, an uberX driver is lucky if he/she makes $3 to $5 an hour, after all expenses. That said, a sincere advice to anyone thinking about driving with uber: DON'T.


    If you're that desperate, at least get a job where you can earn something without having to buy a vehicle that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, which, at the end of the day, it'll cost you more than you'll be making driving with uber.

    You're better off working for McDonald's or Walmart, and these are only examples, because you don't need a vehicle that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and a full coverage insurance that will cost you thousands of dollars; and, because you will surely earn twice as much as you "MAY" earn driving with uber.


    Nothing against uber; it is just the truth.

  2. Look, if you use Uber, or Lyft, or whatever as a stepping stone to a side business venture, more power to you. But most of the drivers will just be doing the driving itself as the work.

    Now, I note that you call it "ride sharing." Are these trips that you were going to be making anyway? You know, pick up a little extra money as you go to the store to do your grocery shopping, things like that. Because if these are trips you only make because of the passenger, you operate a taxi service. And the drivers as a general rule are getting a very raw deal out of this. The companies set their milage rates so low because they are forcing the workers to pay the costs. The drivers, if they are lucky, are netting less than minimum wage. If they are not lucky, those maintenance costs per mile exceed what they are nominally paid.

    Regular taxis are more expensive because the taxi company supplies the cars, pays for gas and repairs, and replaces the cars when needed. That Uber fares are so low should be a red flag in itself. But I would encourage anyone looking into it to watch the original video, plug in the fare rate in their area and do the math.

  3. Thank you for your response video. It helps to approach a topic from as many view points as possible. One of the most important, in this circumstance, is the drivers themselves. You have the inside scope on other financial incentives that you receive by driving for Uber. The important part after mentioning them, is how much of an impact they make. Finding new drivers gives a bonus, but if its only $20 dollars, its unlikely to make a large impact unless you sign up a large number of drivers and the pool of available new drivers starts to dry up quickly as well as lessen the number of pickups you receive vs the new drivers that are available.

    The other video came to the table with a lot of math explaining why and how she came to her conclusions. The best way to counter such arguments is to show the falsities therein. In your case, the prime time hours, new driver bonuses, etc. You made mention of them, but how much of an offset do they provide against what was previously presented?

    As things stand, the previous video is coming at it from an outside perspective while you are showing the upper end of Uber drivers. You're playing it smart getting the most money that the Uber opportunity provides. The problem is that this is unlikely representative of all the Uber drivers out there. This means that your video is viewed as biased on the opposite end of the spectrum of the previous video as favoring Uber to the exclusion of some of its downsides.

    Anyway, good luck with your driving and may it favor you as it has up until this point.

  4. I watched a video about using 2 phones to use the rider app to know where to move to, to be in between other drivers to maximize the radius for the next pickup. My first thought was this should be built into the driver app so all drivers are well positioned for the benefit of all parties, driver, rider & company. They could also calculate when to advise drivers to stay close together in a queue system and give a guarantee if you choose to join a queue and have to wait more than x minutes eg. $1 every 5mins after a 20 min wait. So if the system estimated a 20 min wait then you would get an extra $1 or $2 for waiting an extra 5 or 10 mins, staying ready in the queue and keeping wait times down for riders.

  5. I disagree with your point but I really apreciate your fact/numbers and you made yourself a script instead of just wingging it. You make good points. I do feel that Uber should take care of its employees a little more but I respect you and your views sir

  6. About the taxes – the taxes mentioned are sales tax. She doesn't even mention income tax. Sales tax is a tax on the customer, not the employee or business, so there's nothing to deduct. It's also a tax that the business or employee is responsible to collect and withhold.

  7. So… I sat through a commercial, to sit through an intro, that led to another intro, that finally led to the video, which then took another 15 seconds to reiterate what was said in the first intro. It's like intro-ception.

  8. What up What up What up… it's SciQ, not SkiQ… She was presuming you always had a rider in the car, at the highest per mile rate in the country… It looks like they tried to make it look good, they gave the benefit of the doubt. You can't deduct insurance, because your insurance doesn't cover you while the app is open, and if you don't have a passenger, nor does uber.