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Hey, welcome to, also known as RSGNetwork.

My name is Coach Carl and you’ve found the right channel! This is Your channel. You are probably an entrepreneur like myself and looking for ways to increase your income using a smartphone application. It may be Uber, Lyft, Shipt, Instacart…there is a bunch of them these days.

Basically, if you use your phone to make a living or extra money, you found the right place. On our websites, you can meet other people doing the same thing. You are able to network with others and learn from them ways to make more money.

At the same time, we grow as a community and we grow as numbers. We will be able to address our own issues. We are not able to address these issues right now. The app developers do as they choose. They change their rates without notification, change their doctrines anytime they want to, and there is nobody there telling them our views on those changes.

So, I put this platform together where we have a Blog site where you get latest industry news and a Video Blog (Vlog) site where you see your favorite Youtubers come together with their interests and tips and tricks. It is about giving you ideas on how to better do this job. There is also a Forum open for discussion on any aspects of being an entrepreneur in the Smartphone Application Workforce (SAW).

I just want to invite you to join this platform. By the way, we are offering Free Membership right now, so I encourage you to sign up for the membership. We are going to be launching an App in
the near future with many interesting features. There will most likely be a small charge for it, so you want to jump on right now with the Free Membership and get involved.

As I mentioned, my name is Coach Carl and you’ll be hearing from me a lot. I invite you to join the RideShareGuidesNetwork, our channel helping us build a strong community.

See you soon!




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