Should Rideshare Influencers Get Paid For Referrals?

I’ve noticed that many of,my,favorite Rideshare Vloggers have been under attack from trolls that believe that Access Economy/Sharing Economy Vloggers and enthusiasts should earn money from referrals. The reality is that these business models depend largely on recruiting new drivers because the life cycle of rideshare drivers is pretty short. Just sharing some info and curious what your thoughts are.

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Comment (21)

  1. Always get paid for what you do if at all possible. Many OGs, business owners & CEOs have stressed this to me. If one lane doesn't pay you or pay you what you need then you switch over to a lane or lanes that will and get your money. There is absolutely nothing wrong w/how a person generates income as long as it is legal, period. You might have a business cleaning people's dirty houses & bathrooms but if you're getting paid & even more so paid well more power to you and excuse my French but F@#* what anyone else thinks!! Are they gonna pay your bills, put food on the table, take care of your kids if have any? I think not. Great vid Superstar. ?

  2. I love your advice!!! Yes you are correct the information and advice some gurus put out there is priceless and no referral amount can cover that. Let them live and take their advice and ballout too, but unfortunately some individuals look for reasons to hate. Like you mentioned before they need to use their energy for good and not evil.

  3. It not unethical to do referral but I think that it creates internal competition for riders for example if you are a driver and in order to get referral you have to drive so many rides then you get money but if you give out these referrals then you simply driving down price for those who drive full time or primary income why would I create more drivers on road or in my market while trying to achieve unattainable goal ! Therefore for that reason I do not referral for new drivers ! It supply and demand more drivers less passengers equal no referral money and all end up doing is generating money for Uber or Lfyt while you as driver did not make any money

  4. Would never refer a friend/family member to drive uber. I have maintained above 4.9 rating after providing over 5000 stellar rides and NO merit bonuses or driver incentives, forced to do pool rides, same 20% ​commission taken as poorly rated drivers pay, no ride discounts, etc, etc…heard about new startup rideshare RYDENGO where drivers pay flat mthly fee and keep 100% of fare, we set our own fare minimum and tip feature in app….sounds awesome!!!!

  5. wow Cecily I was just having this conversation with someone I helped get a grasp of food deliveries .She thought it was unfair to have referral links and incentives for people to sign up and receive bonuses was wrong ….The FUNNY part for me is she's was LYFT driver first. What?!? It's not taken a dime out of your pocket by sharing the info. both of parties are being reward legally. Why would you care make your $$$ and move forward
    Geezz. BTW shot out to the road dog/Popsicle bandit in the back seat. Continues success DGD!! Sorry my comment was lenghty?

  6. I don't refer anyone to uber uber is the devil and with over 5,000 rides in les than 15 months it's a joke uber us slowly going down you would be lying if you said you could make money with uber these days with all the games and tricky words I there emails they send to you the bottom line is drive when they send you a bonus that is achievable other than that sit on the side lines

  7. You have every right to make money as long as it is legally and ethically. Nothing wrong with getting paid for working hard to produce content that helps others into whetherbor not they want to drive gor app compsnies. People can always stop driving after they get their bonus if it is not what they hoped for.
    The boy is cute and funny. Some handi wipes might be needed for your back seat and the carseat.

  8. I think referrals are good incentives in all industries and are very common. I do ride shares in my spare time but I also have a 9-5. We get $3000 for referrals at my 9-5. At my past two 9-5 jobs it was $1000 for referrals. It's a good way to get employees or independent contractors to market the business whatever it may be.

  9. I like listening to your advice and yet if giving advice is somehow bad because your also trying to earn a bit of cash is wrong? Wtf is wrong with people? There are always haters and if you can make money helping people then what is the problem? I am always constantly trying to do this side hustle along with what I like to call my side hustle to my side hustle. For me if I can help you I'll help you but if I can also help you and make money then I'll do that