Should You Try To Generate Conversation With Your Riders?

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  1. If they want a conversation i'll talk to them. If they're quite as hell,i'll be quite too. I've had a'lot of cool conversations and met cool people. I'm an introvert by nature,but I can fake it to make it if the conversation doesn't interest me.

  2. I agree totally. I'm an introvert by nature but can muster decent conversation most times. But sometimes I'm just not feeling it and/or it's just not happening with the pax. When that happens my ratings usually take a hit. Just par for the course though. Good to see you back! Hope to see more videos and more frequently!

  3. Some one asked me to comment on "Catholic People" so I don't want to talk with someone who might accuse me of something. Any stray comment could cause Problems in my area. Too many lawyers!

  4. Also important to note that not all passengers will want a conversation and trying to force a conversation will actually decrease the rider's experience and lead to a lower rating. Try starting with a few lead questions:

    1. "Hey how's it going?"

    2. "Good day/night so far?"

    To the extent in which they answer, the detail provided and enthusiasm, match that. Communication is reciprocal so be attuned to verbal and non verbal cues and go from there.